3D street mural in Ljubljana dedicated to bees

In Ljubljana, on the occasion of World Bee Day, an anamorphic street mural by world-renowned 3D street artist Filip Mrvelj came to life. The 3D artwork with the motif of a blooming meadow full of bees draws attention to the extraordinary importance of these pollinators to our existence.

It is the first painting of its kind in Ljubljana, and the company initiated it A1 Slovenia in cooperation with The municipality of Ljubljana (MOL). During the painting, the company will give away pencils with honey seeds to passers-by and invite them to plant, thereby keeping bees among us.

World Bee Day is intended for one of the most important pollinators that ensure food and nutritional security, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and make a significant contribution to mitigating climate change and preserving the environment. The populations of bees and other pollinators have been decreasing rapidly in recent years, which is a result of the disappearance of honey areas, urbanization, the use of pesticides in agriculture and other factors.

Each individual can make a key contribution to the preservation of bees by planting honey plants in gardens and balconies, thereby providing bees with new sources of food for their development. A1 Slovenia is also aware of this, and has been supporting urban beekeeping with its activities for years and ensures the increase in the number of Carniolan bees in the city. "A1 Slovenia undertakes socially responsible activities within the framework of the ESG strategy, which commits us to ambitious goals in the field of environment, society and management. We place the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and the circular economy at the center of our environmental activities. We want to leave a world that we can be proud of for our descendants, and an important part of this is the preservation of bees. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to bring these extraordinary creatures closer to our users, partners, employees and other members of the public, which is why we are proud of the blooming meadow in the center of Ljubljana, which draws attention to their importance." he said Lovro Peterlin, managing director of A1 Slovenia.

The author of the mural, Filip Mrvelj, is a Guinness record holder

He is the author of the anamorphic painting 3D street artist Filip Mrvelj, who became famous by setting the Guinness record for the longest anamorphic painting in the world, 140 meters long. The world-renowned Croatian artist is a specialist in large-scale 3D artworks, and his art has graced the floors of several European cities and other countries, such as Germany, Austria, Turkey, Thailand, Qatar, the Netherlands and others. The special feature of his paintings is that from a certain point of view they conjure the illusion of three-dimensionality. Thus, visitors in the center of Ljubljana could walk through a field of flowers full of bees.

Bee trail in Ljubljana

A1 Slovenia is a member Bee trails, which operates under the auspices of the Municipality of Ljubljana. Over the years, the Bee Path has become synonymous with all activities related to bees and beekeeping in Ljubljana. "With the Bee Path, we are increasing and developing beekeeping in the wider area of MOL, supporting the creation of tourist products related to urban beekeeping, educating the youngest and taking care of the development of urban apiaries. We are happy to support projects that not only revitalize our city center, but also have a deeper message. May the painting encourage us that each of us contributes to the preservation of bees and other pollinators among us." she said Nataša Jazbinšek Seršen, head of the environmental protection department at the City Municipality of Ljubljana.

A1 Slovenia works in favor of bees

Bees have been an important part of A1 Slovenia's environmental activities since 2017, with which they raise awareness of the importance of bees and support urban beekeeping. It is also part of these activities six bee families living in hives at their office building in Ljubljana and producing honey for internal use and business gifts. Their activities were also recognized by the committee for awarding the Golden Bee Award, the highest national award in the field of bee protection and recognition of the role of bees and other pollinators in ensuring food security, sustainable agriculture, nature conservation, biodiversity and cultural heritage. A1 Slovenia was among the four finalists among 17 candidates for the award.

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