4 accounts on Instagram that will beautify your "feed"

Photos of ideal lives, shapely girls and even more seductive men, delicious food and prestigious pieces have virtually exploded on Instagram. These creative, stunning Instagram accounts will break up the monotony of your feed and bring a breath of fresh air.

In a bunch of them accounts it is difficult to find those who will you made them laugh, stunned, to you given to think or even encouraged to creativity. Yes, on your own feed you won't watch the same content every day, they are here visually stunning accounts, which will leave you speechless.


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metaphorical imagery

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If you're already at the point where you're thinking about how you drink cocktails and relax on sunny sandy beaches, this is a bill that will make it even more difficult for you to take a well-deserved break. Minimalist, v pink a color-wrapped photo of 28-year-old Aryton taken on Hawaii, capture the idyllic the feeling of summer, the blazing sun and of waves, as if we were there.


In this account you will find photos in which pastel colors they shine as bright as nowhere else. In photos that document the solitude of everyday life in the city, a Singaporean photographer captures the hectic city life in pastel colors. What makes his photographs different is that takes photos in the last hours of daylight. The result of this method? It is before your eyes.


Make-up artist and artist Tal Peleq with this application technique eye shadow it puts make-up in a new dimension. La La Land on the eyelids, Elsa, Starry Night and on and on, you might even find your own favorite topic, depicted on her eyelids.


Videos on this account will definitely get yours attention - It's Rachel Ryle animator, illustrator and the narrator, which creates minimalistic, cute and creative slow motions in which through the drawings tells (silent) stories.

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