An unusual luxury: sleeping in a crane in the harbor

Amsterdam is one of the most popular European capitals. It is mainly known for things that are not legal in our country, but it offers much more. From now on also accommodation in the crane, which is in the city port.

The new apartment is built into the supporting structure of a shipbuilding crane. It offers a great view of the Amsterdam harbour. Crane Figee Crane 2868, which will now be used for tourist accommodation, ceased to operate long ago in 1979.

The Yays - Crane Apartment of course, it cannot be compared to luxury accommodation, but it offers a unique experience. The project deserves praise, as it is a good example of reusing a structure that would otherwise take up space unnecessarily.

He designed the cabin Edward Van Vliet, who replaced the old parts of the crane with completely new ones. This is how he managed to create a space that is luxurious and unusual at the same time. The large windows offer an exceptional view of the KNSM island. The design of the tourist attraction took place within the framework of the city development plan.

Staying in the new hotel, you will have the opportunity to relive the rich history of Amsterdam. We are sure that the adventure will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life.

Gallery: The Yays – Crane Apartment

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