5 golden rules of behavior at breakfast in a hotel

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You are on vacation, everything is relaxed and beautiful, but don't forget - you are not at home, but in a hotel...

Rules and instructions about nice and polite behavior are never enough. We found a few on Thrillst. Check the rules of behavior at the hotel breakfast and don't be one of those who get on others' nerves!

Don't outrun others

So you're at breakfast and you want to eat, say, toast. You head towards the toaster, but lo and behold, someone stands right in front of you. What will you do? You'll probably just stand still and impatiently tap until you get to your bread. Lesson: Don't rush in front of others, because no one likes to be breathing down your neck all the time in the morning.

Photo: Unsplash/Joao Marcelo Martins

Don't take food you don't intend to eat

Yes, the breakfast buffet allows you to have whatever your heart desires. But don't be that person who grabs a whole plate of food and then leaves half of it on the table. This is an example of rather nasty behavior that is not acceptable to either the staff or other guests.

Leave your pajamas in the room

You are on vacation, everything is relaxed and beautiful, but remember that you are not at home, but in a hotel. Dress normally and decently, no one is asking you to wear a tuxedo, but don't come to breakfast in your pajamas. Quite simply, there are certain rules of conduct that must be followed.

Photo: Unsplash/Marten Bjork

Not using utensils when eating

You slept well and went down to breakfast, saw a tray with prosciutto, next to it a tray with cheese and started grabbing everything together. Just with your hands. It doesn't matter that another hundred people will be eating after you. Ah, avoid such behavior, please.

Leave the mess behind

Nobody says you can't leave crumbs. You also don't have to pile everything neatly on a plate. But on the other hand, be careful not to spill coffee, leave pieces of bread all over the table and put jams directly on the table. Someone will have to clean it up after you, so really don't eat like a savage, but be polite and civil.


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