5 tastes, 5 meals, 5 colors... all this is The 5 Kitchen & Bar

The 5 Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant that lives, adapts, creates and listens to the preferences of its guests when designing its offer. When preparing dishes, the owners of the restaurant are inspired by the cuisine of five different continents and tend to use mainly locally available ingredients.

Basic information
The 5 Kitchen & Bar
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Opening Hours:
Mon. – Sat. from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m
0038659 050 133

Last June, they were filling suitcases, labeling transport boxes and moving to Slovenia with the intention of opening a restaurant. After exactly one year, they are preparing to open The 5 Kitchen & Bar, restaurants with a wide range of dishes that smell across five world continents.

Sankalp, otherwise educated in a completely different profession, has been enthusiastic about cooking, combining flavors and creating in the kitchen since his teenage years. He grew up in a metropolitan and cosmopolitan environment (in Kuwait, Great Britain), and for the last decade he lived in Dubai, which allowed him to get to know and taste extraordinary varied global culinary offers. In order to further strengthen his experience, he also acquired a formal education in culinary arts.

They are a part of everything they saw and tasted abroad Sankalp and Natasha also wanted to present to Ljubljana, a city that is very close to both of our hearts. Why The 5 Kitchen & Bar? The name of the restaurant was inspired by the simple and beautiful fact that the world has five diverse continents with a varied culinary cultural background. When preparing the offer and dishes, they were inspired by cuisines and culinary traditions of five continents and included in the menu dishes and ingredients that impressed them during their travels. Despite foreign influences, they definitely strive for the fact that most of the ingredients used are locally and regionally available. The market is just a few steps away from the restaurant The 5 Kitchen & Bar, which they find absolutely wonderful.

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