5 travel mistakes you should never make again

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He who travels sins! Well, it's not quite like that, but the fact is that while discovering the world, we make many mistakes that we later regret.

We scoured travel blogs and discovered some tips from travelers. They will ensure that you avoid the biggest mistakes in the big bow that can make your trip bitter.

Don't challenge your luck with the weight and size of your luggage

Airlines are here to make money, so there's little chance you'll get a bad look if you have too much baggage or a bag that's too heavy. Especially in the case of low-cost airlines.

Even a few grams over the weight limit can make you have to pay a hefty extra if you don't want to leave anything to the airport staff. Not only will you overpay for baggage fees, but it is also completely unnecessary stress and worry before check-in and boarding.

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Do not explore the airport during layovers

You've probably rushed through an airport with a panicked look on your face, looking at your watch. On connecting flights, travel platforms often calculate how much time is needed for the transfer, and especially at larger airports, it can happen that you need less than an hour to go from terminal to terminal.

A lot worse could happen, but you can avoid this mess by giving yourself at least two to four hours between landing and takeoff. We recommend that you research the connecting airport well in advance and familiarize yourself with the terminal layout and get a feel for the waiting times.

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Check socio-political information about the destination

It is good to make sure how safe the destination you would like to visit is. You read the news to get a better political picture and feel the social climate, and the best headlines are the first-hand experiences of those who have recently traveled through the country.

This last step is crucial because some news stories tend to be exaggerated.

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You spend too much time in big cities

Planning a trip abroad is complicated, and sometimes it's easiest to land at your destination and stay there. Spending a day or two in a big city like Paris, London, São Paulo or Tokyo is great, but you'll get the best feel for the country outside the capital.

Explore smaller towns in the area, use public transport, rent a car and drive around the countryside or somewhere else in the country.

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Eating near major tourist attractions

Of course, it's convenient to eat right outside the Vatican or not far from the Eiffel Tower, but if you want to eat well at a good price, it's best to walk a few blocks away. Of course, there are some exceptions that prove the rule.

Just keep in mind that many tourist attractions aren't surrounded by the best quality restaurants, and you'll often pay a lot more for a bad meal.

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