Wine and Chocolate Festival 2019: top wine-chocolate combinations

5. Wine and Chocolate Festival

Two seemingly incompatible ingredients will tempt visitors with a sweet tooth for the fifth year in a row. 5. The Wine and Chocolate Festival 2019 will be enriched by more than 50 exhibitors who will pamper your taste buds with their products. You will see the largest wine cellar in Kozjansko, enjoy Slovenian chocolates and an accompanying program, such as the Wine & Choco fashion show, a charity run and a concert by Slovenian musicians.

Important information
Podčetrtek multipurpose sports hall
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Entrance fee
Adults: €6.00, children: €2.00 (from 6 to 12 years old)

Slovenia is a land of unusual tastes - among other things, it also offers a range premium selected wines and chocolate, which go so well together that the idea of creating the first was born years ago wine and chocolate festival in Slovenia, which was called kar Wine and Chocolate Festival.

Visitors have recognized the importance of this event, which is why it takes place every year many old ones and new faces, who enjoy wine and chocolate vices. Exhibitors are also happy to show their products - this year there will be more than 50, but you will not only enjoy their masterpieces, you will also be able to visit the largest winery in Kozjansko.

After a good drink and food, it will be time to visit or take part in the festival's accompanying program, which will further enrich 5. Wine and Chocolate Festival 2019 – the chocolate wine will be unwrapped in three parts fashion magazine Wine & Choco, you will be able to run for everyone who they fight rare skin diseases, selected the mayor's wine and enjoy the music Nina Pušlar. Don't forget to bring the little ones with you, as it will be ready for them animation program.

The festival will take place on Saturday, April 27, in the Podčetrtek Multipurpose Sports Hall, from 10. to 22. hours.

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