Marie Kondo's 6 rules: you will never clean a kitchen like this again

Marie Kondo's 6 rules: you will never clean a kitchen like this again

If you are tired of cooking, then the very sight of the kitchen evokes negative emotions in you, because you simply no longer have the strength for culinary ventures and everything that comes with them. and this time we are mainly thinking about cleaning, which you can tackle in a simple way if you follow these 6 rules of Marie Kondo.

Japanese Marie Kondo has become world famous as a tidying/cleaning guru bedrooms, offices and living rooms, but she also left her mark in the kitchen – she designed 6 rules, thanks to which you will never again set up a kitchen and will have it with easily kept clean.

Her favorite method KonMari assumes that you need to free your kitchen of all objects that in you they evoke a feeling of dissatisfaction. After you get rid of the junk, it's time to yes change your habits, thanks to which your kitchen will always be in excellent condition.


Remove everything from the kitchen surface.

The moment you don't know where you're going to go with the spice container, blender or toaster, you probably put them away on the kitchen surface. Marie Kondo claims to be the one bad habit, because junk always bothers you while you are cleaning. And even if you use these gadgets every day, it makes much more sense to have them keep in kitchen cupboards or in drawers.

Clean the sink, kitchen counter and oven after each use.

Marie Kondo says that it also includes cleaning the kitchen wiping water and dirt, which accumulates on the work surface or kitchen appliances. If they will kirito, counter or oven empty, it will be much easier every day clean dirty surfaces, because you won't be there didn't bother me at all.

Detergent and sponge for washing under the sink.

After washing the dishes, drain the sponge well and put it together with the detergent store on the shelf under the sink. In this way, your kitchen will always look tidy.

Marie advises that you also put it under the sink or somewhere else trash can, which will always be at your fingertips, and your kitchen will look tidy, because you don't keep it in a visible place. It should also make sense to take the waste to the garbage more often, because you don't want to your kitchen has unpleasant odors.

Do not delay in wiping dishes and washing clothes.

If you wash the dishes with your hands, wipe them immediately as if it stands all day in the dish drying mat. Percolating water constantly creates a mess and is the perfect environment for creation bacteria. Marie says so, it's much better, yes wash dishes immediately after a meal, wipe it and move it to the appropriate place.

The refrigerator should be 30 % empty.

You always need room in the fridge for leftovers from meals or foods, which you have purchased. If you can't find the space, chances are you won't know where to put things and they probably will wandered onto the kitchen surface.

Find a special place for each item in the kitchen.

Although it is much easier to place the spices, oils and kitchen utensils that you use constantly in a visible place, according to Marie Kondo's recipe for disaster. Every item it must have its own special place on the kitchen shelves, because the kitchen will look much nicer this way.


  • Don't make it complicated! The kitchen is a place that should make you happy, so it makes no sense to keep things in it that you don't need and they make you feel cramped. Keep only that container, which brings you joy and you use it every day. Also throw away or donate kitchen appliances that are no longer useful to you.

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