7 dreams that we dream most often: what our subconscious tells us through these dreams

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Dreams are a mysterious window into our subconscious that brings us messages, symbols and insights into our inner feelings, thoughts and desires. When we close our eyes and surrender to the dream world, we open ourselves to a journey through the labyrinth of our subconscious.

Subconscious through a dream. Dreams can have many meanings and interpretations, which can be individual, depending on personal experiences, beliefs and context.

So what does the subconscious mind tell us through dreams? Dreams can tell us stories about our own hidden fears, desires, conflicts or give us insights into our creativity, intuition and potential. They can bring us warnings that something needs to be changed in our lives, or they can encourage us to explore new ideas and opportunities.

Dreams offer us an opportunity for self-reflection, self-knowledge and exploring the depths of our subconscious.

7 most common dreams and their meaning

The fall

Falling in a dream expresses a feeling of insecurity, fear of failure and helplessness. It symbolizes the need to make decisions and a sense of hopelessness. It is a reminder to face challenges and find ways to overcome obstacles.

Despite the negative impression, falling in a dream can bring an opportunity to learn, grow and overcome limitations. Dream interpretation is subjective and depends on the individual. It is important to listen to your own inner voice and understand the symbolism of dreams in the context of your own experiences.

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Flying in a dream symbolizes a feeling of complete control over the situation. People who experience flying in their dreams literally "rise" above problems. Sometimes, however, feelings of fear may also appear when a person flies very high. This indicates a moment when the individual feels out of their comfort zone and is not sure if they will successfully cope with the situation.

Flying in a dream can also represent freedom, liberation and overcoming limitations. Every experience of flying is subjective and can have different meanings depending on the individual and the circumstances in which the dream occurs.


To dream of an exam means that you are in an important period of your life. You may be facing challenges that require your skills and knowledge. They can also reflect self-doubt and fear of failure. This is often present among students who face the pressure of studying.

Worry and anxiety about success can be the cause of such dreams. It is important to understand that exam dreams reflect the inner feelings and worries that we carry inside us and allow us to face them and find ways to overcome these challenges.


Dreaming about death, whether your own or a loved one's death, can cause a variety of feelings and worries. One reason for such a dream can be worry and fear for loved ones who may be facing difficult situations or health problems. In addition, feelings of concern for your own life or the lives of other people in your life may also arise.

Dreams of death often occur during transitional periods in life, when we expect significant changes or face the end of something and the beginning of something new. It is important to understand that dreams of death are not necessarily a prediction of actual death, but can be a reflection of our inner emotions, fears and concerns about changes and transitions in life.


Dreaming about hunting can be the result of a bunch of unsolved problems that do not give us peace when we are awake and accompany us into our dreams. In dreams, the feeling of running away and hiding from someone or something often appears. But there are other reasons for such a dream. They can be a reflection of real events that worry us and disturb us even in sleep.

In addition, dreams about hunting can appear as a result of a strong impression left on us by a film or other works of art. Dreams about hunting can thus show us that we are facing internal challenges or external influences that are chasing us and trying to reach us.

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You are naked

A dream in which you are naked carries a deeper meaning that depends on how you feel while dreaming. If you feel fear, confusion or shame during your dream, it indicates a problem or situation in your life that is bothering you. You may feel helpless or unwilling to deal with some of the expected changes. Nudity in such a dream symbolizes a feeling of vulnerability and exposure.

In contrast, if in your dream you feel that nudity is associated with freedom, this indicates that you are psychologically open to change. You may be ready to let go of restrictions or relax about something that has held you back in the past. Nudity in this case represents liberation from other people's expectations or social norms and acceptance of one's genuine and authentic nature.

A dream within a dream

When you wake up in the morning, you feel like you're entering a normal daily routine. However, for many people, that's when the dream begins. While performing these common morning rituals, you may find yourself in a state where you are aware that you are dreaming.

This phenomenon, known as lucid dreaming, allows you to become conscious in your dreams and take control of what is happening. You can control your actions, change the environment and experience things that are impossible in real life. In such moments, it seems that you have complete freedom and power over your dream world.

Lucid dreaming tells us that we have the inner potential to create and control our own lives. In such dreams, we are able to overcome limitations, explore new ideas and experience things in a completely unique way. It tells us that we are actually more powerful and creative than we might think.

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