7 essential entrepreneurial skills for modern start-up entrepreneurship

Necessary new skills of the modern entrepreneur

Technological knowledge, i.e. knowledge of computing and informatics, has never been more important for an entrepreneur than it is today. Today, for modern start-up entrepreneurship, business and management skills that enable mastering strategies and the business environment are far from sufficient. An entrepreneur must be innovative and creative, have a knack for dealing with employees, and cannot defend himself even with knowledge of corporate finance. To this must now be added appropriate technical knowledge such as knowledge of a programming language, mastery of website optimization and web programming, knowledge of creating a website skeleton (wireframe),... Which other necessary skills for modern start-up entrepreneurship are still important, but you are faithful in continuation.

Anyone who ventures into entrepreneurial waters must be aware that knowledge is a quality that it has no final value and it is never absolute, so he will have to constantly upgrade it. Especially because under the term entrepreneurial knowledge it hides much more than it did 10 years ago. In today's times, when a large part of our lives is tied to technology and the web, it is therefore important that a modern entrepreneur also possesses many technological knowledge and has a wider scope than an entrepreneur from an economics textbook. Gone are the days when graphic design and programming hired external colleagues ("outsourcing"). Nowadays, only the "big" can afford this, and rarely start-ups.

Today's entrepreneur must have a wide range of skills.
Today's entrepreneur must have a wide range of skills.

Therefore, he must be an entrepreneur "girl for everything", someone at least with basic knowledge of programming, design and which controls online communication. You don't have to be a techie by nature to be a successful entrepreneur, but there are many forms of technology that you just need to master. Check which 7 it is necessary skills for modern start-up entrepreneurship, which as an entrepreneur in a start-up business you should have.

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Social media

Social media is a social technology phenomenon and is not only intended for personal use, as it is also an incredibly effective communication and marketing platform for companies and you as entrepreneurs. You can hire professionals for this, but a good entrepreneur can handle it himself. It should be noted that not everything revolves around Facebook and Twitter. You also need to know how to draw attention to yourself on new networks and hope that everyone will add their stone to the mosaic. The strategy of communication on social networks, or the marketing of online networks, is therefore one of the key skills with which we change the perception and build on the reputation of the brand, establish and/or improve communication with (potential) customers and increase visits to the website.

Cloud computing

Files are "emigrating" to the clouds en masse.
Files are "emigrating" en masse to the clouds.

Local storage is increasingly out of fashion, as most data is moving to the cloud, i.e. to online storage (this storage method allows your files to be accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device). This penetrates into our work often quite imperceptibly. Among other things, many of the services I use are examples of cloud services, and we don't even realize it. It is a concept whose basic purpose is to reduce the costs of the company and the organization, so this kind of knowledge is essential. Mastering services like Google Drive and Dropbox that enable data portability is extremely useful if you're working on an app, software, or similar platform.

Website Optimization (SEO)

The purpose of optimizing a website is to increase visits and a higher position among the results found in search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.), therefore knowledge of techniques that simplify recognition, classification and locating by online search engines is a necessary modern skill. These are like fireflies that make us visible in the dark. Except that there is no topic on the search engines, but it is crowded with similar content, which makes it difficult for them to find you. With it, we improve the visibility of our website in a "natural" way (by taking into account algorithms, since each search engine has its own rules for sorting results, that is, the links that are displayed when we type in the search term). Although it doesn't carry the weight it once did, SEO is still an important player when it comes to online visibility, which is why it's especially important for small and medium-sized businesses.

The network structure of the website or wireframe

It is more about technical than technological knowledge, but it is just as important. When planning a website, it is wise to create a network structure or a wireframe, so that the company that will create the website for us can more easily assess its scope (layout of navigation, text, graphics, links, etc.), how much programming will be required, and above all how much it will take them time. It is a schematic representation, the skeleton of the website, a plastic representation of where something should be on the website. Go to Digital Telepathy and Wireframe Showcase and enter the new competence on your account.

Knowledge of programming language

Knowledge of languages is important, but the modern entrepreneurial polyglot must also know a programming language.
Knowledge of languages is important, but the modern entrepreneurial polyglot must also know a programming language.

What Chinese is to spoken languages, HTML (Web Page Markup Language) is to programming languages. At least basic knowledge (let's call it passive) and knowledge of the CCS (Cascading Style Sheet) language - a kind of upgrade of HTML with which we define the style of HTML elements - is important, because with it you will better understand websites and the web as such. It is difficult to say when this kind of knowledge will come in handy, but there will definitely come a time when you will be grateful that you "speak" it.

Online financial management

In the long run, your finances will probably be managed by qualified people, but until then it would be beneficial if you could handle the financial management process and accounting yourself. This may sound like a big deal, but since finance has also largely moved online, online financial management is an area to focus on, as the computer will do most of the heavy lifting for you. There are many free programs for managing and reviewing finances, planning and creating financial plans. Choose one and win it.

Graphic Design

At some point, you will need to design or edit at least the images on your website. You may also need to help create advertisements, flyers and other promotional material for your brand. When such a moment comes - and it certainly will - you'll want to have at least basic graphic design and photo editing skills so you don't have to rely on someone else's knowledge and help for every little thing. At least a beginner's knowledge of a graphics program such as Photoshop will come in extremely handy, and you will be an even more valuable asset to the company.

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