7 Signs You're Smarter Than You Think

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Intelligence is the ability to use knowledge and experience together with mastering and adapting to certain situations. Some signs can show you that you are smarter than you think and we reveal them to you in the article.

1. You are hard on yourself

One of the things that frustrates smart people the most is when they can't do something immediately understand. They usually latch on to things very easily, but when something doesn't go easily, they start doubt your own intelligence.


2. You are aware of the world around you

Smart people are usually very aware of the world around them, which they demonstrate by regularly reading and watching the news. They want to know what is happening around them and to be informed about problems both at home and in the world. Even if it is a superficial interest, it always exists.

3. You are often misunderstood

Perhaps their sense of humor is too sophisticated and vocabulary too complicated. Whatever it is, it's not unusual for smart people to be misunderstood. Therefore they have to constantly explain to others, what they really mean and justify themselves.

4. You have smart friends

Smart people tend to surround themselves with smart people. So who wants to be surrounded by people who don't get your jokes? Your friends understand and can relate to you, which means you are just as smart as them.

5. You have high expectations of yourself

Smart people are expected to they are doing great things. Above all, they are more advanced than their peers at school age, so they have big plans and expectations for their own future, whether it is attending a certain college or a certain profession. And whatever goal they set, they usually achieve it.

6. You like board games and puzzles

Smart people like to play different types of games, because they involve discovering and understanding something. They like to solve crossword puzzles, play cards and board games. Such activities require thought and concentration, which benefits smart minds.


7. Others think you're smart

Most smart people don't like to think of themselves as smart. They see it as bragging, but in reality they are just stating a fact. So how do you know for sure that you are smart? By having other people tell you that you are smart. Intelligence attracts a lot of attention, especially in business and school environments. So embrace your big brain and enjoy.


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