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Curtains change the home!

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Curtains and blinds are certainly a very important part of the equipment of every home. They greatly influence the style of furnishing individual rooms and their lighting, which is why they can complement and beautify it very nicely. On top of that, they provide you with a certain level of privacy and prevent the sun from shining into your eyes unnecessarily.

When choosing suitable curtains and blinds you must therefore think carefully to make the right decision for yourself. But don't worry, with this guide it will be much easier, and buying curtains and blinds will be more pleasant.

The basics of a good choice

When choosing curtains and blinds, we have to consider many different aspects.

The appearance and style of the curtains is important, i.e. the color, pattern and type, because the curtains will be the highlight of your home's furnishing style. The type of material from which they are made is also very important. The desired transparency and the method of installing the curtains are also important factors of choice. Of course, in order for the curtains to really compliment your home, it is also necessary to take care of their proper maintenance.

Read our 7 steps, which will certainly help you to complement your home nicely with curtains and shades and thus make it even more your own and attractive.

Carefully measure the space where you want to place the curtains

When choosing blinds and curtains, carefully measure the spaces where you want to place them. Also consider the style of curtains that suits you best. The length of the curtains will depend on how long you want the curtains to be.

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For short curtains measure the space from the cornice to the window sill and add another centimeter to the measurement. If you want curtains to the floor, measure the total height from the curtain rod to there. If you want curtains that will drag on the floor, add a few centimeters to this length.

When it comes to the width of the curtains, pay attention to the total length of all the windows that you want to cover with the curtains. Add a few more inches on either side, as the curtains will look nicer if they extend a bit beyond the window frames. If you want pleated curtains, the width will be considerably longer. In-store consultants can also help you choose the appropriate width.

Shades unlike curtains, they only cover the glass surface of the window, which is why measurements are even more important. Measure the height and width of the glass from the right to the left of the molding. The width is usually measured at three different points and the smallest measurement is taken into account so that the blinds do not get stuck. Then measure the dimension from the top to the bottom of the window slat. Height is usually measured at only one point. This way you will get the right measurements for your new shades.

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Choose the right length of curtains

You will also find different lengths of curtains on the market. The choice of length will certainly affect the style of furnishing the room. In addition, it also depends on the main purpose of the curtains.

  • Floor-length curtains, are extremely popular, as they bring elegance to the home.
  • If there is furniture right next to the window, they are a better choice short curtains, which reach up to the windowsill.
  • For "stepped curtains" decide if you have flowers on the windowsill.
  • Curtains that are very long and drag slightly on the floor, and add a luxurious and sophisticated feel to the room.

Choose the right curtain rail

When you have decided on the type of curtains, you must also decide on the guide on which you will hang the curtains. Many curtains are hung on curtain rods or curtain rails. Both choices are suitable and depend mainly on the chosen style.

Guides and cornices can be very diverse. From those that look like poles, on which curtains are usually hung with the help of rings or with visible loops. To those where the curtains are actually inserted with hanging attachments.

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Choose the right material for curtains

What kind of material is best suited for curtains to complement the style of a particular room is strongly influenced by what style you want to dominate in the room. An important factor is also the amount of time it takes to maintain the curtains.

Kitchens and dining rooms, for example, are places that are often exposed to various smells, and the surfaces of the curtains there can quickly find a drop of oil or leftover food, as well as water and steam. As a result, curtains for kitchens and dining rooms should be made of materials that are easy to maintain.

On the other hand, the bedroom is a place where you often want darkness, so it makes sense to choose darker curtains made of thicker material that can provide blackout. You can also complement them with blinds.

The simplest is choosing the material of the curtains for the living room. The living room is a place where you usually like a lot of light, maintenance is required less often than in curtains for the kitchen, so the most ideal curtain material for living rooms is again different than for those located in other rooms.

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Silk curtains will create a romantic atmosphere in the room. They tend to be a little more sheer, so they work well in living rooms or bedrooms if you're not looking for blackout curtains. Since their maintenance is somewhat more demanding, they will be less suitable for the kitchen.

Velvet curtains will recreate an antique and luxurious atmosphere. Because velvet is a bit more demanding to maintain, and the fabric is heavy and dark, it does not go so well in kitchens, for example, but it is ideal for bedrooms and sometimes for living rooms.

Cotton and polyester curtains they will fit nicely into classically furnished rooms. Both materials are easy to use and maintain, and there are many different designs available, but for the kitchen, cotton will be a better choice, as polyester is flammable.

If your home is furnished in a modern, minimalist or industrial style, you will make the right decision if you replace the curtains with shades.

Choose the right degree of transparency of the curtains

The ideal transparency of curtains depends mainly on their purpose.

  • If you want to take care of privacy with them, since the neighboring window is very close, choose opaque curtains, which will preserve your privacy even when the lights are on in your home.
  • Blackout curtains they will be the right choice for the bedroom, especially if you like to sleep in complete darkness.
  • Semi-transparent and transparent curtains however, they are most suitable for rooms where you need a lot of natural light. So for kitchens, living rooms and children's rooms.

Of course, you can also combine different types of curtains.

Curtains: color and pattern will make the point

The color and pattern of the curtains will definitely influence the look and style of the furnishing of individual rooms, so adapt them to the look of your home's furnishings.

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In short, we could summarize that they will classically furnished homes the most beautiful with curtains in subtle patterns and colors such as white and cream draped over the cornices.

Rustically furnished homes will shine best with curtains with rustic patterns such as checks and flowers, to which you can easily add different accessories for curtains, and place the curtain on the guide with rings.

Modernly equipped rooms they are more beautiful with modern curtains of stronger colors in one color, with panel curtains or with internal shades. However, there are many more styles, and thus more choices for curtains. If you are more attracted to a minimalist style, modern cotton curtains in light, neutral colors will be a good choice. Various interior shades, such as roller blinds.

Modernly furnished homes in Scandinavian style require modern curtains made of natural materials in light, sandy or other natural tones, without patterns. You can also replace them with pleats with curtains in neutral colors.

Industrially furnished home it will look better with shades and blinds that are in slightly darker colors, such as gray. You can also opt for opaque curtains in stronger colors.

A home that is a mix of modern and classic style, but it will look best with cotton, silk or lace transparent or semi-transparent floor-length curtains in lighter tones.

Make sure to wash the curtains properly

In order for the curtains to really nicely complement your home furnishing style and beautify your home environment, you must take care of their proper and regular maintenance. Although they do not require much maintenance, they need to be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year. You can wash them both in the washing machine and by hand.

When you decide to washing curtains, follow the instructions on the care labels usually found on them. Different types of curtains are washed in slightly different ways. Above all, make sure that you wash the curtains at lower temperatures, with less detergent, and when washing by hand, do not rub or wring them too much. They are easiest to dry on a curtain rod or rail, and ironing is usually not necessary.

With the exception of pleated curtains, other blinds are usually cleaned right on the window with a damp cloth and soapy water or some gentle cleaner. Cleaning blinds, roller blinds and other blinds is thus very easy.

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