March 8: why do we celebrate Women's Day?

Women's Day, which is celebrated in about 100 countries around the world every year on March 8, is an international day of struggle for women's equality. The international holiday of the economic, political and social equality of women and the day when we make our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and other women who play an important role in our lives happy with a little attention. But why exactly do we celebrate Women's Day?

International Women's Day (originally "Working Women's Day") is an international women's holiday. A holiday when we celebrate the economic, political and social equality of women as well as their achievements. The holiday began to be celebrated in 1911 in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark, at that time still on March 19. In the countries of the Soviet bloc, Working Women's Day was celebrated on March 8 during communism. In recent decades, the date has been "adopted" elsewhere as well. March 8 is because protests began in Petrograd (today's St. Petersburg) on March 8, long ago in 1917, from which the communist October Revolution grew.

Women's Day in Slovenia

Struggles for women's equality also took place in Slovenia. The first Slovenian women's association was founded in 1898, one year after the publication of the first issue of the first Slovenian women's newspaper Slovenka. The year 1906 is also an important year, as it was in this year that the first Slovenian graduated from the University of Graz - Marija Urbas. We know the year 1945 as the year when universal suffrage was enacted in our country as well. Two years later, a provision was written into the SFRY constitution that every woman has the freedom to make decisions regarding the birth of children, and in 1977 the right of every woman to artificial termination of pregnancy for other than just medical reasons was also legislated.

On Women's Day, it is appropriate to give a small attention to the women who mean a lot to us, reminding them that they are valued, loved and respected. They deserve it though, don't they?

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