9 movies that will make you want to go back to school!

If you're going back to school these days, then some motivation from our side certainly won't hurt you either. That's why we've picked out 9 movies that, believe it or not, will make you want to go back to school!

No one will blame you if you are not most excited about going back to school. Saying goodbye to a carefree summer is always difficult, and returning to school is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. In these days, when you are slowly returning to books and long hours in classrooms, we have selected for you some movies to calm you down and give you some motivation to go back to school. Do not forget, school is also a great opportunity to re see friends and make new memories!


Paper Towns (2015)

The summer hit Lažna mesta will take you straight back to school. Most likely because nowhere in the world will you experience such a good adventure with your friends than in the school corridors and its surroundings.

A musical romance

High School Musical (2006)

The modern version of Briljantine centers on Troy and Gabrielle, each with a different background, and music is what brings them together. The film is full of high school drama and popular Disney characters.

Comedy drama

The Breakfast Club (1985)

The film focuses on (stereotypical) teenagers in Saturday school detention who discover that they have more in common than they think.


Bring It On (2000)

The American teen comedy focuses on the San Diego Bulls cheerleaders, their preparation and participation in the competition, as well as the newly selected leader Torrance and the old leader Isis, who now leads the hip-hop group the Shamrocks. But only one group will take home the flattering title of champions!


She's All That (1999)

The romantic comedy was one of the most popular films of the late 1990s. In it, we meet Zack, his narcissistic girlfriend Taylor and the awkward and insecure Laney. When Taylor dumps Zack for another guy, he makes a bet with his friends that he can turn the unpopular Laney into prom queen in six weeks.

An animated fantasy adventure

The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince, 2015)

A little girl lives with her mother in a very grown-up world, for which her mother prepares her every day. Her neighbor, Pilot, introduces her to a strange world where everything is possible - the world of the Little Prince. This is how he slowly realizes that we all need childhood and the Little Prince in us, because only in this way can we discover important life lessons.

Comedy drama

Rushmore (Rushmore, 1998)

One of Wes Anderson's better films takes us to the courtyard of a boarding school, where we meet Max Fischer. President of the calligraphy club, captain of the fencing team, and the guy with the red beret, he is without a doubt the coolest high school student ever.

A fantasy adventure

Harry Potter film series (2001-2011)

If anything, the Harry Potter movies will surely inspire you to go back to school! What would you give to be able to return to Hogwarts at least once?

Honorable Mention:
Romantic drama

The Graduate (1967)

A disillusioned college graduate finds himself torn between an older lover and her daughter. The film is rated R (not suitable for under 16s unless accompanied by parents), which means that we can expect quite a few hot scenes. Some are of the opinion that this film has more erotic charge than Fifty Shades of Grey!

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