A revolution in strawberry storage: With one simple trick, strawberries will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks!

How to always get fresh strawberries

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Have you ever bought fresh strawberries and had to throw them away a few days later because they went bad? Does it often happen to you that the strawberries quickly start to rot before you even manage to use them?

Strawberries are a popular fruit that many of us enjoy for their sweetness and refreshing taste. They are great for a snack, an addition to desserts, smoothies or even salads.

However, they have one big weakness – they break down very quickly.

You have probably already experienced that you bought fresh strawberries, and the next day you found the first signs of mold in the refrigerator. Such a situation can be quite frustrating, especially if the strawberries were not cheap. However, there are ways to prolong their freshness and thus enjoy this delicious fruit up to three weeks after purchase.

Using vinegar to wash strawberries

One of the simplest and most effective ways to prolong the freshness of strawberries is washing with vinegar. The process is simple and requires only two ingredients: white vinegar and water. Use it ratio 1:3, which means one part vinegar and three parts water. Soak the strawberries in this solution for approx five minutes.

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Why vinegar?

Vinegar works like a natural antibacterial agent, which removes bacteria and mold spores, which are the main culprits of fruit spoilage. In addition, vinegar helps remove pesticide residues that may be present on the surface of the berries. After soaking the strawberries well rinse under cold running water, to remove any remaining vinegar.

Be gentle so as not to damage the delicate fruit. After washing, place them on a clean kitchen towel to dry completely.

Photo: envato

When the berries are dry, move them into the fridge. It is best to store them in a plastic container with a lid, lined with a paper towel, which will absorb excess moisture. With this simple procedure, you will significantly extend the freshness of strawberries.

No worries, strawberries after washing they will not have an unpleasant smell or taste of vinegar.

Freezing berries for longer shelf life

If you have a large amount of strawberries that you will not be able to use in a few days, freezing is a great solution. This method keeps the berries fresh for a longer period and is simple to implement. First, wash and dry the strawberries thoroughly. It is important that the strawberries are before freezing completely dry, as excess water will cause the strawberries to stick together.

You can save them in different ways. Photo: Cottonbro / Pexels

Berries evenly arrange on a tray, so they don't touch. Place the tray in the freezer and let the strawberries freeze completely. Once the strawberries are frozen solid, transfer them to freezer bags or plastic containers. It is important to squeeze out as much air as possible from the bags, as this will prevent the formation of ice crystals and prolonged the quality of the berries.

Although frozen strawberries won't have the same texture as fresh, they're still great for use in smoothies, baked goods, yogurts, jams, or other dishes. Thawed strawberries are usually a bit softer and pulpier, but their flavor remains almost unchanged.

Freeze them or refrigerate them. Photo: Filirovska / Pexels

Storing strawberries in the refrigerator

Always keep strawberries in the refrigerator, as the cold temperature slows down the growth of bacteria and mold. However, do not store them in the original packaging if it is made of plastic without ventilation holes.

It is best to store strawberries vsglass or plastic container, lined with paper ones towels. Paper towels will absorb excess moisture, which will prevent mold from forming. You can also cover the container with a lid, but leave a small opening for ventilation. In this way, you will create optimal conditions for storing strawberries.

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