Airstream Studio FA Porsche: the concept of a modern compact travel trailer

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Airstream Studio FA Porsche Concept Travel Trailer; Photo: airstream.com
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The Airstream Studio FA Porsche Concept Travel Trailer is a stunning collaboration between Airstream and Studio FA Porsche. The travel trailer design has a range of innovative features to enhance the travel trailer ownership experience. The most important feature of this concept is that it is the first "garage" design in Airstream's 90-year history, which will make ownership easier for a wider range of customers.

Automatic suspension travel trailers allows the trailer body to be lowered for storage in most home garages. This option is especially useful for those who are faced with a lack of convenient and safe trailer storage outside their home. Automatic suspension found its way onto a trailer for the first time Airstream, and allows the height of the trailer chassis to be adjusted, which in turn reduces aerodynamic resistance and fuel consumption. Aerodynamics is a key aspect of the design, and the use of carbon fiber in some of the trailer's components reduces its weight, making it ideal for cars with smaller internal combustion engines and electric vehicles.

Airstream Studio FA Porche Travel Trailer

Conceptual interior travel trailers Airstream Studio FA Porsche has innovative design, which increases the space. The use of windows and skylights creates a feeling of spacious interior that connects the owners with the outside. The tailgate redesign further integrates interior and exterior space with a hinged hatch and drop-down tailgate. We can attach a shade tarp to the hatch and then plan our next travel adventure in the comfort of the cool shade.

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