Allan Dixon, the real Dr. Dolittle, the master of selfies with animals

Allan Dixon - the master of selfies with animals

Right now, the most famous animal selfie is indeed that of two brothers with an eagle, but the real master of animal selfies is actually the lovely Allan Dixon, the real-life Dr. Dolittle, as he is also called, or as he calls himself, "the animal whisperer". And as you will find out below, it more than justifies its nickname.

Allan Dixon is a true master of selfies with animals and his Instagram profile is living proof. You can find it there a bunch of selfies with cute animals, small and large. Some are more photogenic than others, seeing selfies with a kangaroo, a goat, a pony and, of course, a short-tailed bush kangaroo (quokka) (selfie with this animal was a real hit this year) and your heart will melt.

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Allan Dixon and the quokka.
Allan Dixon and the quokka.

Australian adventurer he more than obviously speaks the language of animals just like a movie character dr. Dolly; how else would he manage to get so many animals to take a selfie with him? Well, "Animal Whisperer" he doesn't really speak their language, as he says, his secret lies in the fact that in their natural environment he stays still and on the ground for a long time, thus earn their trust.

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