Amazing special effects from the 19th century: see the first horror film from 1896

Le Manoir du diable is the first horror film in the world to use impressive special effects to scare the audience.

The world's first horror movie from 1896 doesn't look overly scary or creepy today, but in 1896 it had some of the most cutting-edge special effects for the time. The movie Le Manoir du diable (The Devil's House) tells the story of a bat that turns into the demon Mephistopheles and was created by a famous French filmmaker Georges Méliès, who is also behind the influential fantasy film Voyage to the Moon (Le voyage dans la lune, 1902).

The background music is reminiscent of some strange lullaby and somewhat takes away the horror. But we have to admit that the first horror movie in the world contains some very entertaining special effects, and some of them were even used for the first time on film. People thus appear and disappear in clouds of smoke, and bats suddenly assume human form. Did she manage to scare you at least a little?

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