“Amelia And The Animals”: A series of photos of a little lover of (exotic) animals

"Amelia And The Animals" is a collection of photos of a little lover of (exotic) animals, which her mother, Robin Schwartz, has been capturing in her photographic lens since she was three years old. The professional photographer started photographing her daughter in the company of exotic animals in 2002 and, in addition to various animals, over the years she also immortalized her daughter's upbringing. The series of photos of the little animal lover "Amelia And The Animals" definitely convinces that some people have an incredible feeling for animals...

"Amelia And The Animals", a series of photographs by a small lover of exotic as well as completely ordinary animals, is interesting photography project, through which we can follow the growth of a girl who, from the age of three, is diligently hunted by her mother in the photographic lens Robin Schwartz. The professional photographer published in 1993 a book of chimpanzee photos with Title “Like Us: Primate Portraits”, in the production of which she was helped by people who enabled her to come into contact with monkeys and later also with other exotic animals, which in the photographs of the series "Amelia And The Animals" they keep her daughter company. The photo book is interesting mainly because it is clear from the photos that Amelia has a special feeling for animals, because she literally "eats out of her hands" due to her calming influence (sometimes).

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