Amsterdam: the Dutch capital bursting with life

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Is Amsterdam one of the most exciting cities in Europe? Without a doubt! The Dutch capital offers an eclectic travel experience unlike any other in the world.

A picturesque network of canals, a rich history and a lively cultural scene make the capital of the Netherlands one of the most vibrant cities in the world. In Amsterdam, the range of activities is endless, suitable for any weather. From museums to nightlife, which has built a reputation around the world. Lively markets and interesting cafes. The Dutch capital is charming both in the morning, when you're sipping coffee by one of the canals, or at night, when you're returning from an unforgettable party in one of Amsterdam's clubs.

When to Amsterdam?

The best time to visit Amsterdam is between April and September. In April, there are a bunch of holidays that fill the city streets with revelry and hustle and bustle, and the warm sun peeks through the clouds, which stays in the sky throughout the summer. Even after September, a visit to Amsterdam is pleasant, as the tourist bustle calms down, and the prices also become friendlier.

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What should I see in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam's canal network, created in the 17th century, is under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage. The canals were created to keep the sea at bay, and today they are a trademark of the Dutch capital. Fairy lights illuminate the bridges at sunset, making the city even more magical. Navigating the canals by boat is a great way to immerse yourself in the fabric of the city, learning many interesting facts about the unusual architecture and population along the way.

The following sights of the Netherlands should not be overlooked either. There are eight more windmills in Amsterdam, and it is the easiest to visit the area De Gooyer in the neighborhood of Oostelijke Eilanden. Beneath the sails of the stunning mill lies a microbrewery producing a range of organic standard and seasonal beers. From mills to museums. The cultural heart of Amsterdam is the Museumplein, where they are located Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Royal Concertgebouw. All are worth a visit, with wide collections of artworks by Dutch and European artists and magnificent musical performances.

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If you want to look back at the tragic history of the city during World War II, visit the Anne Frank House, whose diary found its way to readers around the world. The girl and her family hid from the Nazis for two years, and even today you can see their residence in a building by the canal. He also testifies about this period Hembrugterrein in Zaandam, which once served as a munitions factory and later transformed into a haven for Amsterdam's creative scene. You can find a range of museums, restaurants and art venues here, and you can get there by ferry from Amsterdam. If you love bargains, unusual curiosities and sprawling industrial warehouses, make time to visit IJ-hallena, one of the best flea markets on the continent.

If you don't get on a bike while exploring the city, have you ever been to Amsterdam? More than 800,000 bicycles are located here. Cycling in Amsterdam is a way of life, facilitated by an unrivaled network of cycling routes and a flat landscape. Amsterdam belongs to the very top of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Jump on your bike and head to Sloterplas for a dip in the large lake, or cycle to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel to explore a 12th-century village idyll

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How to explore Amsterdam?

Amsterdam boasts an excellent interwoven public transport network consisting of the metro, buses, trams, ferries and trains. Otherwise, sit on the bike. Even if only for a few hours, cycling is right at the top of Amsterdam-related activities.

How much is a plane ticket to Amsterdam?

Return plane tickets from Ljubljana with Transavia can be found for as little as 93 euros, excluding luggage. You can search for flight tickets according to your vacation date HERE.

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Covid-19 restrictions in Amsterdam

In mid-September 2022, the Dutch government canceled all measures related to entry into the country, including for citizens of non-EU countries. Check all current information about Covid-19 restrictions HERE.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandtpark

Hotel Leonardo Amsterdam Rembrandtpark is located next to Rembrandtpark and offers modern and elegant rooms. On the 17th floor, you can enjoy the bar on the roof terrace, which boasts a panoramic view of Amsterdam, and the hotel also has a fitness center with a sauna.

Motel One Amsterdam

Motel One Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam, a short walk from the popular Heineken Experience museum. The rooms are tastefully furnished and air-conditioned, they also have a TV.

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