Urbanero – an urban garden above the hustle and bustle of the city

Even if we live in the city, we can conjure up a fragrant green oasis in our apartment. We create an urban nursery on the terrace, balcony and even the windowsill, which will bring an immense dose of joy to our everyday life.

Who doesn't want to? a beautiful garden, full invigorating herbs and brightly colored flowers? Times when we can in the garden collected a fresh bouquet and tore up our love herbs, are unfortunately, at least for most of us and especially those who live in the city, a time of the past and only beautiful memories of childhood. That it will no longer be like this, my own, sun-kissed balcony and window transform into kindergarten, which will make us really proud.

If we do not have enough space, the basic requirements will be met by those intended for this purpose pots and bags for potted plants, which have been perfected to the last detail at the brand Urbanero. Bags for potted plants they represent an innovative home for our favourites flowers. Made of breathable textiles, they allow perfect humidity and enough space for vigorous root growth. We like it too Urbaner's pot, which is suitable for windowsill gardening, and provides plants with more gently caressing light. It is ideal for raising herbs and optimal growth of sensitive orchids. At gardening we must not forget the mandatory accessories. Watercolor gardening set with a lively push, it will enliven every green and flower bed... so that our "city" garden will be even more colorful and happy...

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Citypark, Šmartinska 152 g, Ljubljana
Underpass of the Blue Lagoon, Dunajska 50, Ljubljana
Mercator Center Ljubljana, Cesta Ljubljanske Brigade 32, Ljubljana
Europark Maribor, Pobreška cesta 18, Maribor
Mercator center Domžale, Cesta talcev 4, Domžale
Citycenter Celje, Mariborska 100, Celje

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