Anthénea: a floating luxury suite on water that is like a spaceship

Anthénea: a floating luxury suite on water that is like a spaceship

If you remember the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me, you'll quickly realize that Anthénea's floating luxury suite took its inspiration from there, but with one key difference: if Karl Stromberg's movie villain Karl Stromberg's intention is to destroy the world, he He wants to protect Anthénea. How?

A suite Anthenea it is like a window to the world – not only because of its 360-degree view of the surroundings and the marine world, but also because of its environmentally friendly construction. It's a floating suite autonomous and self-sufficient, because for the operation of the systems necessary for living in such an environment (hot water, drinking water supply, waste management, running the suite...), it uses solar panels, batteries, low energy equipment and energy indicators.

Anthénea, window to the world!
Anthénea, window to the world!

Environmentally friendly elements can also be found in its interior, where it is located five (six) living spaces, namely a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a solarium and a bar. It provides the ultimate experience glazing under the suite, which provides an ecosystem view. When you are tired of staying "down there", just move "upstairs" to the fresh air, where there is a huge terrace and a path that offers 360-degree view of the marine environment.

The idea for the Anthénea suite was found in France, where this year they won the prize for the most original tourist innovation in 2019. And, as expected, for this environmentally friendly prestige you will not deduct little – if you have more than 500 thousand euros in your bank account, then you know what your next purchase is. 🙂

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