Apple with new accessibility features: A new era is coming, or just catching up with the competition?

Apple with accessories for the hearing and visually impaired.

Photo: Apple

Apple today unveiled new accessibility features that promise a revolutionary experience for users with disabilities. Nevertheless, the question remains whether it can catch up with its rivals, who have already rolled up their sleeves significantly, in the AI race.

Apple stepped on its toes again with its latest accessibility feature announcements. But while Tim Cook and his team are waving the flags of innovation, it seems that Apple still can't quite shake off the dust left behind by OpenAI and Google in the field of artificial intelligence. With WWDC just around the corner, all eyes are on whether Apple will finally surprise or remain just another promising but unfulfilled trailer.

Eye Tracking: Control your iPad with just your eyes

With the announcement of Eye Tracking for iPhone and iPad, Apple promises to allow users with physical limitations to control the device with just their eyes. It sounds impressive, but does this really represent a technological breakthrough or just catching up to capabilities that rivals like Google have been developing for years?

Music Haptics: feel the music

The Music Haptics function is a promising innovation for the deaf and hard of hearing, which will allow them to "feel" music through vibrations. But for all that it has to offer, it seems to be another attempt to bridge the gap between Apple and the tech giants that are already experimenting with similar technologies on other platforms.

Vocal Shortcuts: Will They Really Make a Difference?

Vocal Shortcuts could be a game changer for device interaction, especially when combined with the enhancements that come with hearing atypical speech. However, as OpenAI and Google raise the bar with advances in language models, Apple is still catching up on the innovation dance floor. It should be especially useful with Apple CarPlay.

Photo: Apple

WWDC: D-Day for Apple?

The upcoming WWDC may be Apple's biggest test yet. Will Apple be able to deliver technology that not only follows trends, but also sets them? With stocks hanging in the balance, this event could either skyrocket or crash like never before.

While Apple is still playing it safe on the accessibility front, the big question remains when it will seriously venture into AI waters. While their innovations in accessibility are undoubtedly commendable, it's time for Apple to show it can play in the league of AI giants. WWDC could be the moment for that – or a new reminder of Apple, which, ironically, is always one step behind the competition.

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