ArcaBoard: A floating board that floats on any surface

ArcaBoard floating board

26 years after we started dreaming of the hoverboard that Marty McFly had in Back to the Future 2, in late 2015 we only got to see the first no-compromise version of the hoverboard. In contrast to Hendu and Lexus' attempt, the ArcaBoard floating board does not need a special base to function and can be used on any surface.

Floating board ArcaBoard is the best approximation of the board we admired in Back to the Future II. Because for hovering it does not need a special foundation, as, for example, otherwise commendable the Lexus attempt (he created a hoverboard that uses nitrogen to float cooled superconductors and powerful magnets and magnets magnetic field, so it is not overly useful in practice).

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ArcaBoard approached the production of a floating board with a load capacity of 109 kilograms from a completely different angle. He uses it to hover 36 electric fans with 200 kilowatts of electrical power, which generate 2000 Newtons of thrust. In translation, this means that we can use the floating board on any basis. The only weakness is the autonomy of operation, as the batteries that drive the fan series are already faltering after six minutes of operation. Another annoyance is the price, as you will have to pay (calculated) 18 thousand euros. The ArcaBoard doesn't have a rudder, but it does stabilization system and we manage it like Marty McFly our board by tilting the body.

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