Astrology reveals what kind of mother you will be to your children

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Being a mother is the most beautiful thing in the world. What kind of mother will you be? Will you be strict? Too indulgent? Do your children and family come first?

Whether you are already a mother or not, it is interesting to look into the stars and see what is written there on the subject of motherhood.

Everyone has different wishes and views on raising a child, but some things - as astrologers say - are determined at birth, including what kind of mother you will be.

Let's see!


You will be a very patient mother. Children will learn from you in practical ways how to overcome all challenges and therefore will not be afraid of various obstacles in life. But you can also be very stubborn, which makes you a strict mother in many situations.


With your creative nature, you will be a practical and skillful mother. Children will enjoy singing with you, drawing and reading. You need to be careful about your haste and unpredictability - if you change your mind often, you will lose credibility.

You will always have time for your children. Photo: Katie Emslie/Unsplash


You are a very sensitive person and are often prone to arguments. You think you are always right. Children will always know they can come to you for advice or a hug because they feel at home with you.


You are a sporty mom who loves nature, so you will spend a lot of time with your children outdoors. Children will learn everything from you about the beauty of movement - they will certainly not be lazy and slow.


You always want the best for your children. From modern strollers to crazy clothes to expensive schooling, you'll be happy to spend money on quality. Because you like to enjoy life, the kindness of children is very important to you. Therefore, you will be happy to pamper them often.

You will be a mother that children adore. Photo: Ketan Rajput / Unsplash


You are a communicative person - and you will pass this on to your children. They will learn from you not to be shy, but open to others. Children will always be able to come to you with their problems, because you will always find good advice for them.


For moms born with cancer, family comes first. You will be a caring mother who cares about the well-being of your children, you will give them a lot of love. But you are often possessive - you would prefer to keep your children with you for the rest of your life.


As a lioness mother, you will pass on a great deal of self-confidence to your children. You will always encourage them to pursue their goals and persist in what they want.

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You are a perfectionist and this affects your role as a mother. Agendas and tasks will play a big role in raising children. Good grades and behavior in school are also on your priority list. And the children will learn a lot from you; let's say they will become independent sooner than others.


Your kids will love your unity! Because you are a mother who is not thrown off track by anything. While other mothers start to doubt something even before birth, you think clearly and analytically and solve every problem in an instant - you will do the same when raising children.

I would do anything for my children. Photo: Xavier Mouton / Unsplash


Scorpio moms may seem a bit unapproachable at first glance, but that's not the case! As a mother, you will look forward to long and deep conversations with small children and later teenagers. Children trust you, they feel safe with you.


You are an optimistic mother and you will pass this on to your children. They will accept your password: "If it doesn't work, don't give up!" And they will not give up on the first steps. But you are also prone to impatience.

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