BAC mono - formula for ordinary roads and drivers

Briggs Automotive Company from Liverpool stunned the automotive public some time ago with an extremely toxic and likable road racing car, which transfers the feelings from the racing tracks to ordinary roads and traffic. Due to its low weight, its power is 520 hp per ton of vehicle, which is more than the bugatti veyron can handle.

The interior gives the driver a very sporty feel, including an F1-like steering wheel and paddle shifters on the steering wheel.
The interior gives the driver a very sporty feel, including an F1-like steering wheel and paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

The Briggs brothers, after many years of involvement in motor sports and after cooperation in development with brands such as: Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, fulfilled their dream in 2009 and founded a company whose goal is to produce small-scale road racers that offer authentic racing sensations , even in everyday traffic. In 2011, the mono or study model hit the roads for the first time monopost, which when translated means "one seat". Just like in racing cars, this is placed in the middle of the chassis and body of the vehicle, which largely affects the sporty feeling of driving.

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The Briggs Brothers have been developing the two-tone super sportsman for a good two years, also with the help of experts and the Frankfurt University wind tunnel, and the suppliers of component parts for the mona are practically an endless list of the most famous names in motorsport. The basis is a tubular steel cage, while the body is made of carbon fiber and takes care of the drive 2.3-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine of the renowned engine manufacturer- Cosworth, which develops 206 kW or 280 hp. Although this is no longer a breath-taking piece of information today, many people will be breathless when told that at 540 kilograms dry weight, its power per ton of vehicle weight is as much as 520 hp, making it more powerful than the famous bugatti veyron in this respect. A hundred on the meter covers in just 2.8 seconds, in 6.7 seconds, and already speeds up to 200 km/h. The speedometer stops at 274 km/h.

In addition to the centrally located seat, there are other special features six-speed sequential gearbox with "paddle-shift" paddle shifters on the steering wheel, partial differential lock, Sachs sports suspension, and under the brake system is signed AP racing. The rims are HRT from a recognized manufacturer OZ Racing, for special racing, but still "road legal" tires, and they took care of it at Kumh.

The driver's workspace is also very similar to that in F1 racing cars, as the steering wheel is strewn with various buttons, which, like the rest of the vehicle's electronics, was taken care of by the GEMS company.

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