The Best Comedies of All Time: The Eternal Must-See Movies

The Best Comedies of All Time: The Eternal Must-See Movies

In one place, we have collected the best comedies of all time, which are eternal film hits and so we can easily say that they have entered the list of classics. They will make you laugh and make you think at the same time

What makes a comedy a perennial blockbuster? Content that remains relevant despite the changes of time and ours taste! We looked at Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb to find out what they are the best comedies of all time according to film buffs, and so we've compiled a list of the best you MUST have watch at least once.

Best comedies of all time:

Some Like it Hot (1959)

Rating on IMDb: 8,2
Film critics rating: 97
Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 97 %

Two musicians, who become witnesses to a massacre on Valentine's Day, flee from the mob dressed as women. Things get complicated when a band member falls in love with Marilyn Monroe. Critics say that this film is a happy farce, but it is anything but boring.

Monty Python and The Holy Grail (Monty Python and The Holy Grail, 1975)

Rating on IMDb: 8,2
Film critics rating: 93
Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 97 %

The cult film is a parody of the legend of King Arthur and his quest for the Holy Grail. Critics have awarded it the title of cult classic, which is at the same time extremely funny and cheerfully absurd.

The Big Lebowski (1998)

Rating on IMDb: 8,1
Film critics rating: 71
Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 83 %

You will learn about the life of unemployed Californian slacker Lebowski, who is mistaken for a billionaire with the same first and last name. Critics say that you will be treated to bold dialogues and outstanding visuals in this film.

Groundhog Day (1993)

Rating on IMDb: 8,0
Film critics rating: 72
Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 96 %

Weather forecaster Phil Connors goes with his team to film a report on the traditional festival of Marmot Day, where something unusual happens - the forecaster relives the same day, February 2, every day. Thus taking advantage of the situation, knowing that he will not have to bear the consequences of his actions. Critics describe the film as clever and innovative.

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Rating on IMDb: 7,8
Film critics rating: 81
Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 91 %

A trained London police officer is transferred to a small town with a dark secret due to his extraordinary ability. Critics say this film is a satirical and highly entertaining parody.

Pride (2014)

Rating on IMDb: 7,8
Film critics rating: 79
Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 91 %

Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a group of gay and lesbian activists in London to raise money to support the families of the strikers. Cries say that the film does not cross the line of sugary sentimentality, the happy addresses of the crowds that you can see in the film, but also work in reality.

The Hangover (2009)

Rating on IMDb: 7,7
Film critics rating: 73
Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 78 %

Boyhood turns into a battle against time when three friends wake up with no memory, a cat and a lost groom, searching the city for him in order to get him to the wedding in time. Critics say the film delivers just the right amount of cheesy humor.

Other Best Comedies of All Time:

Young Frankenstein (Young Frankenstein, 1974)
Dumb and Dumber (Dumb and Dumber, 1994)
Borate: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, 2006)
Zohan is the law (You Don't Mess with the Zohan, 
Her keys (‎Meet the Parents‎, 2000)
Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters, 1984)

Super bad (Superbad, 2007)
The host strikes back (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, 2004)

40 years old virgin (The 40-year-old Virgin, 2005)
Crazy brother (Step Brothers, 2008)

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