This is what he prefers to feel on you: natural hot scents that drive him crazy

When you're on the hunt for partners, it's not just your inner and outer beauty that matters, but also how you smell. Do you already know what he prefers to feel on you? If this area sounds like science fiction to you, it's time to finally find out which natural hot scents drive men crazy. Best of luck!

It's no secret that it is a natural feminine scent really drives a man crazy! In years ago published research the scientists found that there is a connection between the level of the hormone testosterone and natural feminine scent. The level of the latter is said to be related to sexual arousal, which the researchers demonstrated by instructing men to they smell like women's shirts, who ovulate. They divided the men into two groups: one group is the smell of the t-shirts of ovulating women, and the other group T-shirts that no one has worn it yet. They found that men achieved higher levels of testosterone while smelling the t-shirts that were being worn, for as many as 37 %.

Smell is important!
Smell is important!

The latter findings, according to the researchers, represent an interesting starting point for thinking about developing fragrances, that mimic the effect of a natural scent and answer the basic questions of human biology. Of course, this does not mean that you should not use any additional fragrances, but it is extremely important that you moderate and to consider what scents men like, what they don't like, and what your partner likes. So, which are the natural hot scents, with which you drive a man crazy or completely you bounce?

Natural hot scents to drive a man crazy:


Vanilla is still used today as the main ingredient in French and Chinese perfumes, as it has been believed since the 1700s that this plant stimulates male libido. In the 19th century, it was written that vanilla stimulates sexuality, but it should be more effective in older men. Modern researchers they say that this plant promotes a sense of happiness, which is why it is so often found in fragrances 21st century.

When a man feels like driving...
When a man feels like driving…


Almost everyone would agree that it is judging cinnamon among the more pleasant aromas. In some studies they even found that the latter stimulates blood flow in the penis more than any other scent. Cinnamon on the skin and into action!

Pumpkin pie

It usually includes vanilla and cinnamon, which are known aphrodisiacs, so it's not unusual for it to be in the list of scents, with which you drive a man crazy. The combination of pumpkin pie and lavender should also stimulate blood flow in the penis 40 %, and in the vagina for 11 %, they found scientists.


This woody aroma already thousands of years of tantric sex rituals and massages. Sandalwood is said to activate the second chakra and increased sexual response and lead to stronger climaxes, he says science.

Also watch out for smells that are not welcome!
Also watch out for smells that are not welcome!

Other natural hot scents that will drive a man crazy:

CITRUS: The smell of cituros is said to arouse men more by 20 %, they find scientists, because the latter is supposed to create the feeling that the woman is much younger than she actually is.
LAVENDER: It is supposed to be used to bind Julius Caesar, but otherwise the latter releases the man, he says science.
JASMINE: It was used mainly in Asian countries - it is said to contain the compound indole, which is otherwise found in abundance around the genitals, they say scientists.
BASIL: In Italy, women should use basil oil to seduce men - the latter is said to be effective in reviving the sexual drive, they find scientists.

3 scents that repel a man:

"Grandma's Perfume"

Tastes vary, but it would still be wise if you did careful when choosing fragrances. Check which notes they include and how they smell on your skin. Men are not very comfortable around women who remind them of their grandmothers, even if they love them endlessly.

Sweet smells

Sweet smells are not seductive!
Sweet smells are not seductive!

Every woman has made the mistake of choosing a fragrance (lotion, oil, perfume) that is too sweet and she may have even applied it to the excessive amounts. Such smells are, even if women often believe the opposite, too strong and evoke a feeling of "childhood" and youth in a man. Men basically prefer it mature women and consequently "mature" smells.

Scents that bring back memories.

If you are going on a campaign of conquest, it is absolutely impossible for you to know whether you will meet a man, whose ex-girlfriend is wearing the same perfume as you. But if you already have a partner, this one probably he definitely doesn't want you to smell like his ex-girlfriend, and you probably don't want that either.

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