Top tips for students moving in October

Do you get a headache when you see how much "junk" you have at home and have to move it to your new living space? Don't worry, our top tips for students moving in October will turn the world's worst chore into fun. The key is organization!

Top tips for students moving in October, will become your best allies this month. If you think otherwise, you will change your mind while packing. 🙂

Although college life may seem like it's full of partying, it also includes that making many responsible decisions. In addition to the choice of study, it is also important where will you live – if you were lucky, you are probably already enrolled in a student dormitory; and those of you who prefer solitude or a sense of home, you probably enjoyed staying in an apartment.

Clearly, the differences between one space and another are more than obvious, but no matter where you live, it's important to follow some tips when you're moving in October, because leaving home is no small thing.

Our top tips for students moving in October include information on what things you MUST pay attention to before, during and after the move. We advise you not to take the move as an the greatest evil, because you will quickly realize that independence is a great thing and just another step towards adult life.

What do you need to know before moving?

Check things out.

Moving is like spring cleaning – you realize that you have things that you do not use, but it is important for you to keep them because you blindly believe that you will use them one day. Get rid of clutter - divide things into four groups: keep, sell/give away, donate and throw away. If you have problems with attachment to things, we suggest you watch the video or read the author's books on organizing things Marie Kondo.

A systematic organization of the things you own helps you primarily to solve the problem of limited space. If you are going to live in an apartment, especially in a home with other people, you should be aware that you will have an extraordinary limited space for your personal belongings, so it is good to take only what you absolutely need with you.
Also consider that what things are you still missing? and you will buy them so that leaving home will be as painless as possible and learning will be unimpeded.

Pack things wisely.

After checking things, start packing. We suggest you buy folding cardboard boxes (or reusable) that you mark by categories (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, room...). Start packing those things that you think you should you need the most and store them in boxes according to categories, because this will make your work easier after you install these same things in your new living space.

Don't pack stuff you won't carry.
Don't pack stuff you won't carry.

It's important that you are rational especially when packing clothes, because you will see that space constraints are the devil. If you know that you will go home every weekend and wash your clothes at home, then it makes sense to pack items that are suitable for the season, which you are currently using and just leave them in your new home, otherwise every weekend choose some combinations, which you will wear during the week, and pack them with you. Don't pack stuff you won't carry because it will take up space.

We suggest that you pack your clothes by rolling them, not folding them, because in this way you will fit more clothes in the boxes and there will be an overview of the things you are taking with you to your new living space. more realistic.

What do you need to know when moving?

Be systematic about arranging things.

Arrange things systematically, just as you set about packing. If you think that you will have the least work with the bathroom and the kitchen, then focus on them first, later move on to the room, where a little is more work.

If you will share the space with roommates, you have to be ready to compromise. Where will you put your things in the bathroom or kitchen and room? Make arrangements with the people you stay with! If there is trust between you and you don't mind keeping things under wraps, we suggest that you buy small plastic boxes, in which you can store your things (from cosmetics, technology and books to food in the fridge) and thus maintain some order.

It is important that you keep order.
It is important that you keep order.

Install in the closet canvas boxes, in which you can put a lot of clothes if you roll them up according to the Marie Kondo technique – this way you will avoid mixing your wardrobe with your roommates, and you will also achieve order. For dirty laundry, use a larger canvas box that is sufficient aerial and does not take up much space next to the closet.

What do you need to know after moving?

You don't expect that you will got used to living in a new environment already in the first week. You will need at least a month to find out what system of life is most optimal for you and what kind of people you live with.
Over time you will find that without some of the things you brought with you, you can live, you will be others missed and you will just move them.

The most important thing is that you are bear with me and learn accept compromises, because it is entirely possible that you and your roommates will fight over bread or yogurt that "disappeared" or about cleaning that was not done. Even if you (or others) suffer in such moments, such situations are lessons for life. But you will also learn that parents aren't even that hard, as it seemed to you before the move. 🙂

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