Attention: This color of clothing can bring misfortune to your zodiac sign!

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The colors you wear can attract or repel certain energies. It might be time to check which colors are best to avoid based on your zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has its own unique energy, which can be strengthened or weakened by the colors we wear. Colors have the ability to influence our mood, emotions and even our happiness. Therefore, it is important to know which colors are best to avoid according to our zodiac sign.

Colors can stimulate or calm, increase feelings of happiness or trigger a feeling anxiety.

Based on astrology, each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, needs and energies that certain colors can support or suppress.

Although choosing clothes may seem like a simple decision, consciously choosing colors that match our astrological energy can bring many benefits, such as better well-being, greater productivity and overall harmony.

Which colors are best to avoid based on our zodiac sign?

Aries (black)

Aries are known for their passionate, energetic and impulsive nature. Their ruling planet is Mars, which symbolizes power and aggression. Aries should avoid the color black, which can stifle their natural vivacity and optimism. Instead, they should opt for bright and vibrant colors that emphasize their energy.

Black is not your color, Aries. Photo: Khalidgarcia / Pexels

Bull (red)

Taurus are earth signs ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Their natural tendency is towards stability and comfort. Tauruses should avoid the color red, which can cause restlessness and excitement, which is not in accordance with their need for peace and harmony. Prefer to choose green and brown shades that emphasize their connection with nature.

Gemini (Orange)

Geminis are curious, communicative and flexible. Mercury, their ruling planet, encourages them to be mentally active and expressive. Geminis should avoid the color orange, which can cause overstimulation and restlessness. Instead, focus on shades of blue and gray, which promote calmness and clear thinking.

Cancer (dark gray)

Cancers are emotional, intuitive and caring. A water sign ruled by the Moon needs security and stability. Cancers should avoid dark gray, which can increase feelings of melancholy and insecurity. Instead, choose white and light blue shades that promote peace and inner harmony.

lion (brown)

Leos are confident, proud and love to be the center of attention. The Sun is their ruling planet, symbolizing vitality and energy. Leos should avoid brown, which can diminish their natural charisma and brilliance. Instead, choose gold and orange, which emphasize their warmth and magnetism.

Stars, as many as two signs advise against the color red. Photo: Andre Furtado / Pexels

Virgo (red)

Virgos are analytical, practical and pay attention to details. Their ruling planet is Mercury, which encourages them to think rationally. Virgos should avoid red, which can cause overstimulation and tension. Instead, choose earthy tones like olive green and brown, which promote stability and focus.

Libra (dark brown)

Libras are diplomatic, aesthetically oriented and seek balance. Their ruling planet is Venus, which symbolizes love and harmony. Scales should avoid dark brown, which can bring a feeling of heaviness and monotony. Instead, choose pastel and bright colors that emphasize their love of beauty and balance.

Scorpion (light red)

Scorpios are intense, passionate and mysterious. Their ruling planet is Pluto, which symbolizes transformation and power. Scorpios should avoid bright red, which can increase their natural intensity and bring restlessness. Instead, choose dark purple and black, which emphasize their depth and mystery.

Sagittarius (pink)

Sagittarians are optimistic, adventurous and open-minded. Their ruling planet is Jupiter, which symbolizes growth and expansion. Sagittarians should avoid pink, which can appear too soft and muted for their adventurous spirit. Instead, choose blues and purples that emphasize their wisdom and breadth of mind.

Is blue your color or...? Photo: Andreevaleksandar / Pexels

Capricorn (light blue)

Capricorns are ambitious, disciplined and practical. Their ruling planet is Saturn, which symbolizes structure and responsibility. Capricorns should avoid light blue, which can appear too relaxed and unambitious. Instead, choose dark gray and black shades that emphasize their seriousness and determination.

Aquarius (Brown)

Aquarians are innovative, independent and humanitarian. Their ruling planet is Uranus, which symbolizes change and revolution. Aquarians should avoid the color brown, which can limit their creativity and free spirit. Instead, choose electric blue and silver, which emphasize their uniqueness and futuristic spirit.

Fish (yellow)

Pisces are dreamy, intuitive and compassionate. Their ruling planet is Neptune, which symbolizes illusion and spirituality. Fish should avoid the color yellow, which can act too stimulating and exciting for their delicate natural rhythm. Instead, choose shades of sea green and blue that emphasize their association with the water element and spirituality.

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