BH03 - Goodyear with a tire that generates electricity

Goodyear's tire that generates electricity for hybrid systems.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear managed to shift the focus from sheet metal and girls in latex and miniskirts to tires. With his study tire BH03, he could change the course of history and tilt the scales in favor of electric cars. The main advantage of the concept are two new materials, hidden under the profile, which enable the production of electricity and thus power the battery of the hybrid system.

Goodyear tire BH03 is the rubber of the future, although the company whose father invented the vulcanization process has no plans for series production, but will only serve for further development. She started with new tasks, because she will know how to take advantage of this vibrations as a change in shape and with the help of two new materials, turn them into electricity. That's them thermoelectric material and piezoelectric (crystal deformation).

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The first generates electricity from heat, which the "darker" tire obtains during rest by absorbing heat and light, while the other material performs its task in a dynamic state, i.e. for the time of rolling, since it generates electricity from vibrations and variations in pressure. But that's not all. In the event of a flat tire, the internal structure is so strong that it supports the entire weight of the car, and the channel around the rim serves absorbing noise and lower probabilities aquaplaning.

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