Black Box VR: By playing a video game to a sculpted body

Virtual fitness Black Box VR

Black Box VR is both a virtual fitness and a video game, where we beat the opponent with our muscles instead of clicking the computer mouse.

Humans easily focus on something that captures our attention. Even if it means we have to exercise in the meantime. No one had a problem walking for hours and catching Pokémon on the phone, as well as jumping sweatily in front of the Xbox Kinect in the desire to beat a friend in virtual tennis. But who would have thought that something like fitness can also become fun. Možakarja, responsible for the largest online fitness store bodybuilding.com they are combined the digital world and intense exercise. And the result is absolutely brilliant!

Black Box VR is a virtual VR fitness and video game at the same time. In the game, we fight against artificial intelligence, which we must not allow to occupy our position. Clicking with the mouse changes our muscles this time, and with the correct execution of the exercises we attack the opponent's position. The more intense the exercise, the more likely you are to win. At the same time, we collect points and choose new and better virtual heroes. Tand of course we gain muscle mass. Exercising is suddenly not just monotonous weight lifting. Everyone else who tried Black Box VR was impressed with it. In order to play, we need a dedicated gym, and the plan is to expand to other countries around the world.

Virtual fitness Black Box VR
Virtual fitness Black Box VR

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