Carnival 2023: events and the biggest carnival processions in Slovenia

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Pust is considered to be one of the most fun and joyful holidays, which is enjoyed the most by the youngest. You can mark it by strumming, baking Mardi Gras donuts and other traditional treats, walking from house to house, as well as visiting Mardi Gras processions and festivals. We have prepared a list of the biggest carnival events in Slovenia for you.

Desert in our country it is considered a very special holiday, on which they can make us happy carnival processions and carnival festivals. As in previous years, you can also celebrate the 2023 carnival with a visit traditional carnival events, which can be found in various Slovenian places.

When is carnival 2023? Carnival Saturday is this year February 18, Carnival Sunday February 19, and Shrove Tuesday February 21.

1. Ptuj carnival festival

Ptuj is best known for its of currents, a traditional Slovenian mask, which is loud bells and you can't miss the interesting, unique image. This year, curation is taking place from February 11 to 21, and it consists of a bunch of interesting events. They are among them Opening carnival parade, Getting to know indigenous carnival characters and masks, Day of Kurent and Korant groups, Night spectacle, City carnival corso, Procession of children from kindergartens and Burial of the carnival.
In addition to the curents, other masks will also put a smile on your face, such as spearmen, plow, Russians, pizzas, bears and many others. There will be no shortage of entertainment, and you can watch the entire program here .

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2. Carnival in Cerknica

It is also considered a traditional carnival town Cerknica, which is best known for its copernicus Uršula. This year, in addition to her, you will be able to see other fun carnival masks at the carnival, such as Butalci, dragon, A lake, pike, Liza, hedgehog, a frog... Church curation consists of Sawing grandma (grand opening), Friday carnival party with Ensemble Stil and Tanja Žagar, Children's masquerade, Saturday carnival party, Copernicus kitesurfing, Burial of the carnival and various theatrical performances.
Events begin February 16, and conclude February 22. You can see the full list here.

Photo: Ljubo Vukelič / pust.si

3. Istrian carnival procession

You can also spend Shrovetide Saturday by the sea, as Shrovetide also takes place in the area Slovenian Istria. It will start there at 11 o'clock carnival procession, where a wide variety of carnival characters will be presented to visitors and locals. The procession will start its journey in Dill and walked along Ljubljanska and Pristaniška streets, which will also be organized program for the youngest and carnival birth.
You can find more information about the procession here, and you can participate in it yourself: you can sign up at website vistikoper.si .

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4. Carnival birth in Ljubljana

If you want to please your youngest with carnival celebrations, then a visit is a great decision of the capital. There in Festival halls on Vilharjeva February 18 and 19 takes place the Great Carnival, which also includes guided animation, creative workshops, singing the famous children's songs and sweetening with delicious doughnuts. The ticket price is 7.5 € with free entry for children up to 1 year of age. You can read more about the event here .
In Ljubljana at Prešeren square the traditional one usually takes place as well Dragon Carnival. If you want to attend it again this year, we suggest you follow the news on website visitljubljana.si.

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5. Kranček Festival

The carnival will also take place in Kranj: the action will take place over several days, and it will consist of the following procession on city streets as well as activities for the youngest, which you can traditionally take part in Khilstein Castle. You can read more about the event here.

Photo: Visit Kranj / Facebook

6. Laufaria Cerkno

The long carnival tradition is also known on I chuckle, where an event with the name is organized every year Laufaria. It is usually composed of walk of the laufers, presentation of carnival characters, procession and party with good music. Laufar is a very special type of carnival scheme, which, in addition to ensuring abundance laughing, also points to current events in society.
Program Laufarije 2023 is not yet fully known, but it will be announced on website laufarijacerkno.si .

Photo: lauarija-cerkno.si

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