Citroën Type Holidays: Retro charm meets modern innovation

Photo: Citroën

When tradition and innovation come together, the result is truly extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the world of Citroën, a brand with a rich automotive history, when it presents Citroën Type Holidays at the prestigious Düsseldorf Motor Show. This mini motorhome is the perfect combination of the iconic Citroën Type H and the modern SpaceTourer, offering a unique interior design that will soon be available as "Holidays" in the Citroën network.

Citroën has always been a symbol of freedom and movement, with Citroën Type Holidayand s redefines the essence of "out of life". With its unique design and homage to the legendary Citroën Type H, this vehicle promises to make every trip an unforgettable adventure. In collaboration with Bravia Mobile, a leading specialist in motorhome equipment, Citroën Type Holidays is equipped with everything you need for the perfect travel experience - from a folding roof, swiveling front seats, a complete kitchenette to a modern heating system.

Join us in exploring the world of motorhomes with Citroën, where freedom, nature and innovation come together.

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