Concrete Cut House – a modern house with a minimalist cut, covered in concrete and glass

Concrete Cut House in Tel Aviv

The modern family house Concrete Cut House in Tel Aviv consists of rectangular prisms stacked on top of each other, and between its glass panels an endless line of concrete snakes like a snake. Hence the name of this luxurious home of refined design, which draws colors from the outside environment.

Concrete Cut House, which grew in Israel, is family house bathed in daylight, which appears to have been carved out of a concrete monolith. The design was signed by a design studio Pitsou Kedem Architect, and he designed a building with a facade that dominates it glass decorated with concrete meanders on the south side of the building (they wind towards the top and write the letter s).

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The space breathes as one.
The space breathes as one.

The glass-concrete combination offers different levels of privacy, because while on the south side this two-story house plays "nudist", on the north side it is a pure "tangle". In front of the living area and just behind the panoramic sliding walls, there is a wonderful flourish outdoor pool, and on the upper floor there are bedrooms and a cabinet. The "public" stairs lead to the upper floor, which they escort glass panels embedded in concrete, and all rooms are dressed in minimalism from head to toe. Color in monochromatic atmosphere indoor plants and individual furniture elements are introduced, while the strict minimalism is also softened by the green outdoor surroundings.

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