Continental Conti CARE: a smart tire that will think for you

Continental Conti CARE

Smart technology is also penetrating the world of tires, and Continental has introduced the Conti CARE tire, which will eliminate many inconveniences that drivers face today.

Tire Continental Conti CARE is something completely special and full technologies. He has smarts 'brain' in the form of computer system, which they named CARES. It is a tire that will connected, autonomous, reliable and electrified. In addition to the computer, there is also a tire centrifugal presser and system control pressure, which if necessary automatically inflate the tire. Conti CARE tires will be connected in network, through which fleet managers and individuals will be able to applications constantly monitored damage, tire inflation, tire temperature and tread depth. This can be avoided unwanted situations and significantly reduce others expenses, such as for example too big consumption fuel, in situations where the tire not properly charged.

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