ControlPad: a mini keyboard whose keys are sensitive to pressure

ControlPad: a mini keyboard for gamers with pressure-sensitive keys.

Cooler Master's ControlPad mechanical keyboard turns a digital key into an analog one that detects nuances of pressure. It is a technology that is likely to make a big difference in the lives of all game lovers.

ControlPad it is a small keyboard with only 24 keys, but these are different. Not only do they perceive that we press on them, but also the force of the pressure.

Mechanical keyboard that is sensitive to touch.
Mechanical keyboard that is sensitive to touch.

If we illustrate with an example from the world of gaming - The W key in games most often represents the forward command. The character on the screen runs like this, when we press on it, we cannot control how fast it flows.

The novelty of ControlPad is precisely that power pressure also determines the character's speed. If on the key press gently (not all the way), then the character runs slowly and carefully, but when pressed hard, turns into a sprinter.

How It Works? It's on top of the key an infrared LED, and a 'light meter' at the bottom. This measures the intensity of iinfrared light and calculates how 'deep' the key is pressed. This one still remains mechanical, hence the feeling typing is the same as on a mechanical keyboard.

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