Digital detox with the new Nokia 3210 phone: Nostalgia or practicality?

Farewell to the complexity of modern devices with a renewed classic

Nokia 3210
Photo: HMD

In a modern era where smartphones dominate our lives, HMD Global presents a fresh take on mobile telephony with the new version of the Nokia 3210. Reviving the spirit of 1999 when the original 3210 was first introduced, this model returns as a symbol of simplicity and reliability.

The new Nokia 3210 maintains the classic design with buttons and boasts a small QVGA screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a diagonal of 2.4 inches. Unlike its predecessor, the modern version includes a Unisoc T107 processor, 64 MB of working and 128 MB of data memory, which is expandable up to 32 GB using a microSD card. The battery with a capacity of 1,450 mAh promises long-term use, which is especially attractive for those looking for a device with a long battery life.

Technological simplicity for everyday use

The phone is equipped with a basic camera with 2 million pixels and an LED "flash". Despite limited features like the S30+ operating system (no upgrade to Kai OS), the Nokia 3210 offers something for nostalgic gaming fans, including a modern version of Snake.

Photo: HMD

Available in three colors – yellow, blue and classic black – the new model appeals to those who appreciate old-school aesthetics and simplicity. However, with all these basic features and aesthetic flair, the new Nokia 3210 seems to be more of a "digital detox" tool than anything else.

Marketing gimmick or real need?

The debate about the return of "dumb" phones as a trend has sparked different opinions. While HMD Global highlights the growth in sales of similar models such as the Nokia 2660 Flip and the increased interest among young people in limiting smartphone use, the statistics are still pretty clear. According to IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo, classic mobiles represent only a small share of the market, with sales still declining in the developed world, while remaining popular mainly in lower-income regions.

Conclusion: Nostalgia or Functionality?

Does the new Nokia 3210 really offer more than a nostalgic feel? For many, it can be an opportunity for a digital break or simply a tool for basic communication. Still, the question remains whether this model will achieve the cult status of its predecessor or whether it will remain just a cute tribute to the past. In any case, the Nokia 3210 represents an interesting option for those who want to take a different path in the world of ubiquitous connectivity.

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