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Despite your youth, you are one of the few Slovenians who can sign the hairstyles of models on the catwalks of world-renowned fashion designers. What are the turning points in your life that have brought you this far? There are several turning points. The first to do it

Despite your youth, you are one of the few Slovenians who can sign the hairstyles of models on the catwalks of world-renowned fashion designers. What are the turning points in your life that have brought you this far?

There are several turning points. The first one I would highlight was the start of work at Mare dressage hairdressing, the second one was studying and working at the Toni & Guy Academy in London, and the third was the first job abroad (first fashion show) about four years ago in Paris.

What opens the door to high fashion designers?

Talent, work, creativity, perfectionism or coincidence? All together, but I would also add desire and a strong will. When I started my internship at Maret, I first swept the floor and washed my hair, then dyed it. How much you learn about haircuts depends on your own engagement - the more models you bring, the better you master the technique. It's true that I'm not sloppy when it comes to haircuts. At Mare Hairdressing, we get access to fashion shows through an agent in London who calls us when they need us, and Mare then decides who goes where. I work on fashion shows about twice a year.

How do you choose the right hairstyle for fashion shows and how does it all work? Do you have a precise order, a red thread of the event or do you get a completely free hand when creating?

Fashion shows are carefully planned in advance. The team leaders agree with the creator on the hairstyle style that we all follow. There is no experimentation there, and above all everything is very "timed". There is not much time to prepare. You take the tools with you - scissors, comb, brushes, products and hope that it will be something you know. I usually take about half an hour to spare and observe a little how others work. The team of hairdressers starts working five hours before the show. I usually make three to four models in one magazine. I'd rather make less, but good, than more, but half bad. For men, I do one haircut for about an hour, for women it is a little different. Usually the last hour is absolutely packed. More famous models walk from one magazine to another and need to be prepared in the last five minutes. It happened that we had three hairdressers and two make-up artists working on one model. It's also tiring if two magazines are in different parts of the city on the same day, because you rush from one to the other on the subway.

Who sets the fashion guidelines for hairstyles? Are you installing them yourself?

Lately, everyone can set their own fashion guidelines, because we are in an era where everything is allowed when it comes to hairstyles. It is important that it suits the style, that it is not quite something. It is more important than a trend that the hair is beautiful, has a nice shine, is of a natural color and that it is not damaged.

What achievements can you boast of in Slovenia?

I have already participated in quite a few projects, commercials, fashion magazines, styling for magazines, I also designed the hair of presenter Taja Zuccato for TLP shows and for awarding victors.

Who would you like to, but haven't had the chance to, go with scissors to their hair?

To our mayor Zoran Janković (laughs). I wouldn't change much, but I certainly wouldn't cut it with a "machine".

What did the most "out-of-the-box" hairstyle you ever "styled" look like and how long did it take you?

In fact, "chunky" hairstyles are not among my favorites. I avoid them if possible. I usually explain to my clients that I can give them a haircut like the one in the picture, but they definitely won't be able to maintain it at home.

Paris, Milan, Ljubljana, London. Which city offers the most challenges for your work?

Definitely Paris. At first I thought London was the best, but when you go to Paris several times, you discover that the city has a soul. In London, street fashion works more and the difference between old and young, but in Paris it is important that the hair is beautiful. If I were to move abroad, I would probably choose Australia, but that is a dream for the distant future. I am currently staying in Ljubljana, where I get the most experience in the salon, namely from demanding clients, from teenagers who demand that they look "refined", to older people who know exactly what they want and I have to use a few words to explain what we would like to understand what kind of hairstyle it is. Otherwise, I don't like the fact that everyone looks the same in Ljubljana. The men are all shaved, either on the sides or on the whole head. But with girls, they see a famous person with a certain hairstyle, and then they have it all on the list.

What is the last major project you completed?

Men's Fashion Week in Milan, this January. I participated in the Calvin Klein magazine, and the next day I designed hair for the CK look catalog myself.

Who "tames" your hairstyle?

Colleagues, although this happens rarely. I like long messy hair. I don't like slick, pretty hairdos. Until last summer, I had long hair for four years, then I had enough and a colleague took the "machine" in his hands. I also had a beard at the time, so I looked like some kind of Taliban.

What kind of hairstyle do you like the most in girls?

Longer hair, but it is important that it fits the face.

Where do you prefer to sit in Ljubljana?

Do you ever find yourself observing the hairstyles of passers-by? Hmm… I might disappoint you a bit with this answer. Basically, I don't live anywhere in Ljubljana. It's true that I miss a cozy bar where I could have a drink or two with my colleagues in peace, maybe Cuba. Sometimes I go to eat in restav - raid Kaval, and in the summer to Romeo for some sun. Rather than sitting down, I cycle to Katarina, Rašica or Kranjska Gora park, in winter I play basketball and snowboard. Of course, I see hairstyles everywhere: on the road, in a shop, in a restaurant or on a trip.

Are you critical of your friends' hairstyles and "salt their brains" about their hair?

Not really. All friends

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"I would go through the hair of our mayor Zoran Janković with scissors."

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