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How does Luna's story begin? Groga: The collaboration between Orka and Luks has been going on for several years, when Luks Studio created Orka's overall image. Until the birth of the Moon, there is still part of the story missing. A year and a half ago, Orka took over the company Teol, which was out of order

How does Luna's story begin?

Grog: The cooperation between Orka and Luks is already several years old, when Luks Studio created Orka's overall image. Until the birth of the Moon, there is still part of the story missing. A year and a half ago, Orka took over the company Teol, which was in an extremely difficult situation. Detergents were also part of this production. We were deciding between abandoning the program and seriously developing a new brand. Reluctant to close down companies, we decided to use the technological know-how that was there, our optimism and business knowledge, and Luks's audacity to create something good. Lena: A year and a half ago, they came to us with some good powder, and that's when we started creating Luna. In the idea, we designed an image that would be different from the beginning; we worked a lot on the level of fragrances, packaging and also on making the final product friendly to people and the environment.

To begin with, would you first explain where the name Luna comes from, does it have any special meaning?

Lena: We were looking for a name that would be international, that wouldn't need to be translated and that had a story behind it. Luna means pure in Latin. Some tradition says that if you put your laundry out to dry on a full moon, it will be snow white. We found a story that is symbolic enough and a word that is beautiful and nice to all of us.

What role does Orka and Luks studio play at Luna? Does Luks studio focus strictly on visuals, Orka on content, or are the ideas shared?

Grog: We were intertwined throughout. The only thing that Orka is fully responsible for is the quality of the products. Luks Studio had a free hand in creating the visual image, mainly because we wanted to do something new and different. We are manufacturers and traders, we take a narrower view and therefore could quickly fall into the competition's guidelines. Luks also constantly collaborated and confirmed the scents. Lena: We even ordered them and chose the scent combinations ourselves. Thus, the final product is not an ordinary powder, but sophisticated and daring scents.

On the website, you wrote that Luna is a family of products for the home. What all belongs to this family?

Grog: In the first phase, the family includes washing powder, liquid detergents, liquid hand soaps, dish detergents, dishwasher tablets and a line of fabric softeners. So all the basic cleaners. In the second half of this year, we will offer new products.

At a time when the market is oversaturated with cleaning products, you create a new line. How did you come up with this idea in the first place; is the reason perhaps personal dissatisfaction with everything existing?

Grog: All of us were really dissatisfied with what the market had to offer. There are too many environmentally unfriendly products. Above all, we want to offer products developed and produced by employees of a Slovenian company. Lena: I used to buy hand soaps abroad because only those were good enough for me. We also saw the challenge in making beautiful products that people would not be embarrassed to place in a prominent place in the bathroom or kitchen. I admit that all my life I have been pouring detergents into other, nicer containers.

What are the attributes that make Luna's products stand out from the average crowd?

Grog: Ingredients, i.e. product quality, appearance and smell. Lena: I agree. They smell better, they look better and they are absolutely high quality.

You have a melon and magnolia scented fabric softener and a grapefruit and orange washing powder. How did you decide what scent a washing powder would have?

Grog: We were looking for scents that we liked, who created it. Lena: We also wanted to be a little forward, a little avant-garde. So, for example, we took green tomato for hand soap and it turns out that L'Occitane just now offered a green tomato scent. We consider it a compliment that we thought alongside the greatest. We narrowed down the selection of scents in such a way that we all did our laundry at home and did experiments. We had test sheets and we made combinations of which scent best coincides with which powder.

One of the recognizable signs of the Moon is its unusual appearance. What is the story behind the pink and other patterns on the packaging?

Lena: We used trendy patterns. The time of the baroque is coming and we are trying to follow fashion with a pink, colorful pattern on washing products. We thought that such samples would not do our bathrooms any harm. We looked for the design of the patterns for those products that are related to dishwashing in the classic patterns on the plates. At the same time, we worked on beautiful packaging, which will no longer need to be hidden in cabinets. And my personal challenge was to make Luna's packaging so beautiful for myself that I won't pour it anymore.

Does this mean that the packaging will change with the trends?

Lena: Of course we will follow the trends. For example some fabric softener is usually bought by first catching our eyes and then sniffing it. So the visuals also sell the product and that's why our packaging will always be different and interesting. Preparation - we are also making a limited series of products, which we will make together with the painter Zora Stančič. I also see this product as a nice souvenir from Slovenia. Just as Piran salt is popular, someone will be able to take Zora Stančič hand soap home as a souvenir from Slovenia.

What kind of person did you imagine as a typical user of your cleaning products?

Grog: We are targeting the broadest population and have not envisioned any specific Luna user. We are counting on the fact that some of the men will also grab the job (laughs). Lena: We are also counting on all the anti-globalists who are fed up with the multinationals that send third-rate powders to Slovenia and brainwash them more than laundry.

Which Luna cleanser and scent is your favorite?

Lena: My favorite is the green tomato and anise hand soap. Grog: My favorite is the powder for white laundry, which carries the scent of rosemary and meadow flowers.

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Lena Balant and Groga Čenčič

"Some tradition says that if you put your laundry outside to dry on a full moon, it will be snow white."

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