Mindful Eating: Greet Your New Body

Effective diets are those that enable an individual to lose extra pounds in a healthy and effective way in the long term through a change in eating habits.

A healthy and balanced diet should gradually melt body fat while maintaining muscle mass, improving well-being and general health. Because it is difficult to change the hardened ones eating habits and style of life, which is at diet eating vitally important, we have available dietary preparations that help us easily, long-term and effectively lose excess weight. Nupo diet nutrition (Nupo diet drinks and diet soups) are foods for special medical purposes for the treatment of obesity, used as the sole source of nutrition in very low energy diets. Groceries are registered with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia, so they have a carefully planned and checked composition, nutritional value, necessary minerals and vitamins. They are intended for the process weight loss and not eating throughout life. With 6 dietary Nupo meals a day, the individual changes his eating habits over a period of time, as he gets used to 6 wholesome, low-calorie meals (approximately 115 kcal), which provide him with the optimal combination of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber that the body needs. Nupo diet food does not contain genetically modified organisms, it also features TruCal - calcium from real milk, and Nupo diet drinks are also gluten-free. The very composition of foods for special health purposes (to which Nupo diet food also belongs) must be based on the valid findings of the medical profession and nutritional principles. Their use (in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions) must be safe, beneficial, effective and must meet the specific nutritional requirements of the people for whom they are intended in accordance with generally accepted scientific findings. The products of the Nupo line are produced in Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden), where consumer trust in safe and quality food and in institutions that take care of food safety is at the highest level in EU countries.

Variety of flavors

Many people who hear about diet eating are first afraid of the monotonous foods and taste. Nupo drinks, soups and other diet products have the full taste of fruit or vegetables, so there is a wide choice for all meals. We can start the day with a fruit drink with the flavor of blueberry/raspberry, strawberry or mango/vanilla, and continue with soup with the flavor of asparagus, vegetables or hot Thai chicken.

Many people who hear about diet eating are first afraid of the monotonous foods and taste.
Many people who hear about diet eating are first afraid of the monotonous foods and taste.

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