EX!! – a drink holder that will protect you from accidents

Exclamation Cup Holder

You imagine this. You have a pile of important documents on your desk. In all likelihood, your laptop, smartphone, and tablet also reside there. Since you are in a hurry and already late for the meeting, good old "Murphy" accompanies you. That's why you accidentally knock over a cup of coffee...

Basic information
The price
21 €

And right from here idea about the drink holder (Exclamation Cup Holder), which sticks to the edge of the table and conquers lovers of hot and cold drinks next to work surfaces. The holder is made of brushed metal and silicone, and the pocket in which you store a drink or phone adapts to the contents, so you can also put your phone in it.

The solution seems ideal for parents of toddlers who often and with great pleasure knock over everything on the tables.

A great tool for parents of toddlers.
A great tool for parents of toddlers.

Exclamation Cup Holder it is easy to install as it can be clamped on any flat surface. And don't worry, it sticks to the table perfectly thanks to the materials used, which prevent it from coming off easily.

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