Facelift Tesla Model 3 2023 “Highland”: rear view, what will be the new rear - the new Tesla Model 3 shown in this photos

Tesla Model 3 2023 with a new look at the rear!

Facelift Tesla Model 3 2023
Photo: Jan Macarol

The first exclusive insight into the expected changes to the Tesla Model 3 2024. The news that we are presenting mainly predicts the newly designed rear part - that is, what will the rear of the car look like, which promises freshness and an advanced sporty look. The pictures show that the 2023 Tesla Model 3 facelift, better known as the "Highland" project, could get a pretty heavily modified rear view - that is, a completely new rear.

Tesla, the famous manufacturer of electric vehicles, is ready for an important step after six years - a facelift for one of their most popular models. Tesla Model 3. Rumors of the promising facelift for 2024 are getting louder online, and the industry is abuzz with speculation about what this overhaul will bring. All eyes are focused primarily on the designed rear end of the 2023 Tesla Model 3 Facelift - a study of the rear of the car, which is City Magazine Worldwide designed by our associate and designer, Jan Macarol. For more similar studies, you can subscribe to his Instagram profile.

Tesla Model 3 Facelift 2023 ready for major changes. Based on the information revealed so far and the trends that Tesla has set over the years, we dare to predict some expectations.

Facelift Tesla Model 3 2023 “Highland” - rear of the car

Photo: Jan Macarol

What will the new rear of the Tesla Model 3 2023 – Highland be?! So let's start at the end, at the rear of the vehicle. There weren't many spy photos of him. We believe Tesla will change both the rear bumper and the rear tailgate at this point. It is also possible that the design of the rear lights will change considerably, all with the aim of creating a more sporty and attractive appearance. We also strongly expect a larger, more pronounced diffuser that will include the reflectors that are currently part of the bumper. The rear spoiler will also be slightly enlarged and integrated. We think that with the Model 3, Tesla will introduce a central LED light that will stretch across the entire rear. At the same time, the graphics of the rear lights will be greatly updated.

Facelift Tesla Model 3 2023 “Highland” - the front part of the car

Photo: Jan Macarol

As for the front of the vehicle, we expect a refresh, but probably not as radical as some might want. Not even as radical as we witnessed in some spy photos. The changes will most likely focus on the bumper and front fascia, while the left and right fenders will most likely remain unchanged. We believe that the shape of the bumper will be adapted to be more aerodynamic and will better emphasize the aggressiveness and sportiness of the car. And in some way coordinated with the changes in the rear. As for the lights themselves, we believe that they will be different from the segment of the front cover and bumper. They will also get changed graphics.

Photo: Jan Macarol

Facelift Tesla Model 3 2023 - the interior of Tesla's renovation

As with most model refreshes, it's the interior that remains largely unchanged. Of course, Tesla, as always, can surprise with unusual and innovative solutions. If we follow the trends in the automotive industry, we can predict that the screens will be larger, the materials will be of higher quality, and possible changes are also possible in the design of the steering wheel. We believe that the wood will be removed and that some new color combination will be added.

In light of Tesla's emphasis on ecological responsibility, it would be interesting to see the use of new, more environmentally friendly materials in the interior of the vehicle. Given that Tesla is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience of its customers, it might be reasonable to expect some improvements in comfort and ergonomics as well.

Drive and technology: Improving the existing or a new approach?

When it comes to powertrains, Tesla is unlikely to introduce any revolutionary changes. The company is known for its advanced electric drive technology, so it is likely to focus on improving existing technologies. Greater efficiency, longer range and faster charging are areas where we can expect improvements.

Entering production: When can we expect the new Tesla Model 3 2024?

Our reliable sources suggest that the new Facelift Tesla Model 3 2023 will enter test production as early as July, and real production will start in September this year, which could see the new model on the roads by the end of the year. Of course, these are all just our assumptions based on available information and industry trends. And the loud rumors of specialist portals. For more concrete information, we will have to wait for the official presentation of the new facelift Model 3. Regardless of what Tesla brings, we can expect that each new version of their vehicles will continue to set standards in the electric car industry.

Tesla Model 3 Facelift 2023 for 2024, it promises interesting changes that will give the car a fresh and modern look. Based on current information, we can expect changes to the front and rear of the vehicle, while the interior will remain largely unchanged. But with Tesla you never know what to expect - they are always full of surprises. In terms of propulsion, we will most likely see improvements in existing technologies, with greater efficiency, longer range and faster charging.

The timeline calls for the new Model 3 to be on the road by the end of the year. With this, we will have the opportunity to see how the new model will fit into Tesla's line of vehicles and how it will slowly but surely herald a new design trend.

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