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How wide is "fluff" art? Petra: Puh art is as broad as the creativity of us and our...

How wide is "fluff" art?

Petra: Puh art is as broad as the creativity of us and our friends. The basic art class is run by Eva for the youngest, while Zmago mainly deals with students and adults. Of course, everyone creates in their own field. Zmago and Eva in art, Mitja in photography, and I, in addition to organizing Puhart, am also active as a citizen of the city, who strives to revive the city and its cultural activities by bringing various contents and events into the city center.

Photography and painting are therefore the "parade disciplines" of your family. How do the two overlap?

Petra: Both are artistic expressions. It is the same view of the world, but with different techniques. Separation is not required. The first thing in the whole process of photography and painting is observation. People who like to express themselves artistically are, above all, much better observers than most. This one does not observe with interest and precisely enough. If, for example, you ask a random resident of Ljubljana what is on Čopova Street, he will leave out a lot of interesting things in the description.

Is it a coincidence that so many members of the family, both in the past and today, devote themselves to creation?

Petra: There is probably something in the Puhar family that we are close to artistic expression, but our parents did not encourage or even force any of us into this field. Except for Victory, which is an exception here, we are interested in several things, such as linguistic expression, design or music. The fact that we are now dealing primarily with artistic expression can also be attributed to a network of coincidences.

How does awareness of the wealth of previous generations of your family affect your current work?

Petra: This wealth fills us with great pride. In any case, the best attitude an individual can have towards his ancestors is to appreciate them. Many people forget that your past also defines you. Ignorance and contempt for the past reduces the quality of living in the present. Some of us also deal a lot with learning about the past, not only the Puhar family, but also the city of Kranj. Probably a healthy measure of patriotism and patriotism benefits every individual. To some extent, we are also active as citizens of Kranj, not only as private individuals. It is primarily about cooperation in projects that promote the revitalization of the city center. The past definitely guides each of us. It provides an important basis from which a great deal of knowledge can be drawn.

What can an individual learn from older generations?

Victory: Tradition represents the stock from which the basis for work and creativity is drawn. If I refer here to drawing, for any drawing, even abstract, it is necessary to master constructive drawing, as they call it. It is a Renaissance painting. An example of this is Picasso, who already at the age of fourteen was painting like the Renaissance masters, so he mastered the skills of previous generations, but later surpassed them. The knowledge of ancestors is indispensable in modern life.

So is the older generation an asset or a challenge to be overcome?

Eva: There is no doubt about the wealth, but I couldn't agree more about the challenge that would have to be overcome. It is difficult to surpass the strong and successful representatives of one's own family and society, especially at a young age. They can only be followed.

What is your lifestyle like? Artistically whimsical, traditional or modern?

Petra: I think that each of the four of us is artistically eccentric at some point, because, as Vlado Šav says, art is passionate, there is no other way. Only the fervor of the soul enables a full life and gives exceptional results, in relation to oneself and fellow human beings, with the help of words, pen, brush, camera or in any other field of human activity. But I can say that we are traditionalists. Zmago and Eva adhere to classical painting techniques and are not attracted by modern experiments in their creative expression. Perhaps the most modern is Mitja, who happily uses the latest photographic and computer technology in his photographic work. But I am the one in the family who goes wide, respects the traditional and admires the most modern searches. In my creation, which is mainly in the living and written word, I mainly indulge in my own inner hearing. I am fascinated by everything that is created with great talent, great knowledge, passion, courage and good intentions.

Is there a place that gives you inspiration and new ideas?

Petra: Just the old core of Kranj, which is phenomenal. Many residents are not even aware of what Kranj has to offer. The city will be almost three thousand years old. The core is a real gem. Every few meters there is something interesting. Of course, this also provides inspiration at work. It is precisely for this reason that the city center needs to be revived, but all residents should participate in this. A new art store is being built in Kranj, which will certainly offer a lot of inspiration and ideas.

Is Puhart just a business connection or does your work also accompany you to your daily lunches?

Petra: Since Puhart is a family business in which we all contribute together, it is impossible to separate business life from private life. Thinking about Puhart accompanies us every day and everywhere, not only at lunch. We have lunch together when we manage to find enough time, namely at the Brioni restaurant, where they also have excellent cakes. Let's go to Buf pizzeria for pizza together. But if we only have time for coffee, we drink it in Mitnica, Mexican beer from time to time in Stara pošta.

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