Fashion Police: 10 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Messy

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What would you be willing to do for a perfect and neat look? It really doesn't take much, just avoid these fashion mistakes to get started.

Which ones fashion mistakes do they give us the appearance of disarray? A perfect and tidy appearance makes us more attractive and, consequently, more self-confident. Although we would not like it, clothing is an important part of the first impression we make on others.

It doesn't matter whether it's a job interview or a social gathering, our appearance greatly affects how others perceive us. We associate a well-groomed appearance with success and confidence, but if you want to achieve it, avoid these I make mistakes, which make you seem disheveled.

Fashion mistakes that give us a messy look

Wrong size

If you wear clothes that are too tight or too loose, it seems that you are not paying too much attention to your appearance, so you look unkempt. Ill-fitting clothes are not only uncomfortable, they give the impression that you don't pay attention to detail. To avoid this mistake, invest in clothes that fit your body shape, and if necessary, consider visiting a tailor.

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Wrong shoes

Your choice of footwear can make or break your entire look. Shoes that don't match—too casual sneakers with a formal dress, or worn and worn shoes—can contribute to a unkempt look. Make sure your shoes are appropriate for the occasion and also care and maintain them properly so they don't look unkempt.

Discolored clothes

Faded or discolored clothes do not make the best impression. Colors fade over time due to excessive washing or exposure to sunlight. To prevent this, follow the care instructions on the clothing labels, wash the same colors together, and keep the clothing out of direct sunlight.

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Inappropriate shoe size

Especially with shoes with a heel, this defect is quickly visible. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can not only be uncomfortable, but also affect your posture and overall appearance. Make sure your shoes provide adequate support and comfort while complementing your outfit.

Noticeable pieces of fabric and animal hair

Lint and animal hair quickly find their way onto your clothes, creating an impression of unkemptness. Before going outside, use a roller or brush to remove any visible hair or lint. Pay special attention to dark clothes, as stains are even more noticeable on them.

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Annoying little creases that appear on our clothes after long-term use (or poor fabric quality) can make even the most expensive clothes look untidy. If you want to maintain a tidy appearance, then invest in a fabric shaver to remove them.

Visible underwear lines

Visible panty lines or bra straps can make you look cheap, messy. Opt for seamless underwear or underwear designed to hide under clothing to maintain a smooth silhouette.

Photo: Unsplash/Zoe

Forget hair elastics around your wrists

Wearing hair ties on your wrist may be convenient, but it's not the most stylish. Instead, keep them in your purse and adorn your wrist with jewelry instead.

Crumpled clothes

Crumpled clothes can make you look careless. Invest in a quality iron or steamer and take a few extra minutes to iron your clothes before wearing them.

Photo: Unsplash/Amanda Vick

Chipped nail polish

Nails are also a reflection of our neatness. For a neat look, make sure they work properly, as chipped nail polish or bitten nails can ruin an otherwise polished look.

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