Father's Nursing Assistant: now a man can also breastfeed the baby and relieve the mother

Father's Nursing Assistant: Now a man can nurse a baby too

In modern times, there is a lot of talk about the more active involvement of fathers in the process of raising their children - in Japan, the need to relieve mothers is apparently still well aware, which is why they made the Father's Nursing Assistant device, with which men can now also breastfeed their children.

A father can do absolutely everything for a child like a mother, but he cannot give birth and breastfeed. Thanks to a new device developed by the Japanese company Dentsu, in in the near future, fathers can also breastfeed.

Father's Nursing Assistant is a tool that aims to enable fathers to they help with stressful tasks, which are usually reserved for mothers (breastfeeding). To relieve them of the burden, they created a removable bib with milk tank, made in the form of female breasts – it's in one breast tank, and in the other silicone nipple, from which he is a child.

Father's Nursing Assistant
Father's Nursing Assistant

The creators of the device Father's Nursing Assistant they say that in the early stages of a child's growth, everything is focused on breastfeeding and sleep, so they wanted to create a device that would relieved tired mothers, which can, while fathers are breastfeeding, they sleep.

The device is created in accordance with advice from pediatricians and a babysitter, who claim that children love to touch their mothers' breasts, while they are being nursed, as the softness and warmth soothe them, so the device heats up and so simulates the heat of the mother's body.

The device is connected to a smartphone that measures data on feeding frequency. How it works, you are see in the video below.

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