Feastform - timeless titanium kitchenware

What should we not miss in the kitchen? Besides a bottle of wine and an apron. Well, the answers would probably vary from individual to individual. At Feastform, they tried to think of everything and created a line of kitchen utensils made of titanium. They claim that we are not aware of how unique this material is.

Titan it is extremely light, strong, stainless and above all indestructible and as such is extremely desirable in everyday use.

Especially if you like to cook outdoors, where the conditions are a little less friendly to metals. But don't think that the shape of the two Feastform utensils is any less elegant because of this. Quite the opposite! Spatula and tongs are from titanium Grade 5, which is known for its exceptional strength. The spatula handle is made by Technora, a material so insensitive to heat that it was also used in Nasi. The shape of the spatula, which is available in two sizes, and the tongs resemble origami.

So if your eye for aesthetics is of a more sensitive nature, but at the same time you want durability, reliability and excellence, then Feastform is for you. The package costs everything 100 euros.

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