Feng shui: how to arrange the bedroom to attract love?

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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging space and living in harmony with the environment in which we live, in such a way as to attract the positive life force Chi into our homes and into our lives, thus ensuring happiness. According to this technique, all aspects of life can be influenced by certain decorating procedures, one of the most important of which is love.

Using this ancient Chinese technique, it's difficult to organize your entire home, especially if you're in a space where you can't change the layout, so you can make small changes that will attract new love or strengthen an existing one.

1. Get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex-partners

If you want to attract a new partner into your life, then the first step is to get rid of anything that reminds you of your ex, especially if the relationship ended negatively. Put away all the items, souvenirs, plants he gave you and photos together.

2. Place two objects together

Avoid one chair in the corner, photos, art that shows one person. It is important that create an energy of partnership around you, otherwise you are constantly imposing a peculiarity. Add another chair to the seating area, double the bedside table, add two candles, two pillows and surround yourself with the energy of connection.

3. Never put all the furniture against the walls

The furniture should be arranged so that to support communication. Move the bed away from the wall, do the same with the wardrobe and all the other furniture you have in the room.

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4. Cultivate the element of fire

Fire is a Feng Shui element that helps spark a new relationship or keep the flame alive in an existing one. You can bring this element into your home in a number of different ways. To attract love you can use a fireplace or a burning candle. Red color you can also integrate it into the room with accents such as a blanket, carpet, picture or red wall. The only thing to remember is that there must be a balance. Too much red can cause aggression and anger.

Add an element of red to the room.
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5. Place the bed in the middle

Avoid placing the bed in a corner, as you or your (future) partner may feel trapped. In other words, it means they must be both sides of the bed accessible, so you or your partner don't have to climb over each other's bodies to get in and out of bed.

6. Keep bedding in top condition

A perfect headboard and mattress deserve great bedding. For positive feng shui that invites and encourages love, make sure it is your bedding in excellent condition. Use comfortable fabrics and matching sets, and discard all worn bedding.

Dispose of all old bedding.
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7. Place a rose quartz under the pillow

Rose quartz is considered a love stone. In ancient Tibetan and Chinese cultures, it was highly valued and believed to be used as a sign of love. In addition, there are many legends about him. A Greek says that the god Eros took pity on people when he saw that they felt pain and loneliness because of the anger they carried inside. He then created rose quartz in the hope that its beautiful color and gentle energy would awaken love and joy among people.

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