Fido Model 1: One of the cutest electric scooters

Fido Model 1

The name Fido sounds very homely and nice, because each of us imagines some up-and-coming furry person under this name. And the Fido Model 1 electric scooter also has all these features, which is also easy to maintain and versatile.

Fido Model 1 was created as a figment of the imagination of an American Fuck Gast, who had a modest but apparently non-existent desire. He wished he had electric scooter, which would be quite competitive with conventional petrol scooters. He rolled up his sleeves and managed to build an e-scooter that is even more practical, more useful and has a clean, simple design. The large area for the feet has several functions, but it is certainly the most suitable for transporting larger objects that cannot find their place on a normal scooter. Capacity batteries are stored under the feet 2.5 kWh. Batteries can be removed and connected to any 220 volt outlet, and they are filled in merely three hours and provide enough energy for up to 64 kilometers traveled.

The electric motor is integrated into the rear wheel, eliminating the need for even more moving parts and the greasy chain normally found between the motor and the drive wheel. The electric motor in the Model 1 has 6 horsepower and reaches top speed 72 km/h. The inventor guarantees that acceleration from a standstill is as fast as with 200- or 250-cc gasoline scooters.


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