"So Bad They're Good" Must-See Movies

Have you ever seen a movie that was so bad it was good? Among film lovers, this is considered a fairly independent genre, which includes some cult classics. Many documentaries have already been made about them, and this year we will also be able to catch the movie The Disaster Artist, an adaptation of the novel of the same name, which is about the making of the worst movie of all time.

Let's take a look at the selected company with which you can liven up your evening.

1. The Room (2004)

The aforementioned worst movie of all time is The Room. A mind breaker by Tommy Wisseau, which is a movie directed, produced, wrote and also played in it main role.

2. Birdemic (2010)

Mutant birds they attack the town of Half Moon Bay. The premise of many desperate movies, but this one is considered the best of them all.

3. Samurai Cop (1991)

An action film that had to be reshot afterwards, but the main actor changed his hairstyle in the meantime and therefore had to wear a wig.

4. Batman and Robin (Batman and Robin, 1997)

The Last Batman from the nineties was a pure failure. But over the years it has built up a fan base that hails the film as a great comedy. Bonus: Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 'cold' one-liners.

5. Blood Harvest (The Wicker Man, 2006)

One of worst remakes of all time. But this one has Nicolas Cage! The famous actor delivers one of his most absurd acting performances, while at the same time being trapped in a totally nonsensical story.

6. Trolls 2 (1990)

Another extremely famous member of the club, who has now grown into a cult classic. And this in such a way that they also made a documentary about him Best Worst Movie (2009).

7. Miami Connection (1987)

A rock band that knows martial arts has to deal with a biker gang of ninjas that control the drug market in Florida. Is there anything else that needs to be added?

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